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What Determines A Balanced Raw Diet For Pets

We understand choosing the perfect diet for your pet can be overwhelming with the many different recommendations out there. Dr. Marlene Siegel will be answering the popular question of, “What determines a balanced raw diet for my pet?”
Before we cover how to convert to a raw pet food diet, it is important to define what is a good raw diet. Many people are now claiming to feed “raw”, and they think buying a chicken thigh or a steak from the local grocery store is adequate to fulfill all the dietary needs of their carnivore…NO it is NOT!

The Immune System

It is widely accepted that over 70% of the immune system (people and pets) lives in the gut. The quality and quantity of the micro biome determines the “health” of the immune system.  The micro biome also is integrally connected with communicating to the mitochondria (the power house of the cell which makes energy and antioxidants) what is happening so the mitochondria respond appropriately to the signals. 
Yes, animals in the wild eat from dead carcasses they find. Their gut health and immune system are designed for this. Wild animals are not subjected to the gut damage that our modern pets have. They are not getting antibiotics that destroy the gut micro biome. They are not eating processed foods loaded with hormones, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides and sugar!  They are eating a species appropriate diet rich in organ meat and intestinal contents that supply massive amounts of pre- and probiotics to replenish their gut micro biome.
In contrast, most household pets have had at least one round of antibiotics (when spayed or neutered) by the time they were 6 months old and they have not had their gut flora adequately replenished. They are eating processed foods that are enzymatically dead and nutrient deficient. Often these pets are vaccinated multiple times, have a huge exposure to household toxins and they have a massive amount of damaging electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) in their environment. Today’s household pets have horribly compromised immune systems. Eating potentially contaminated raw meats like a animal in the wild may result in less than desirable outcomes. Therefore, it is important to know the source of the raw meat being fed.  I recommend feeding a raw diet that has either been treated for bacterial pathogens or undergone high pressure pasteurization (HPP).
The modern household pet suffers from a deficiency of essential nutrients while at the same time they are inundated in toxicity, resulting in chronic inflammation and mitochondrial dysfunction.
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For years, the pet food industry has followed the AAFCO standards, an organization developed and run by the “big box” food companies. AAFCO dictates what makes a pet food complete and balanced. The problem is they are not concerned with species appropriate foods or the bio-availability (the bodies ability to utilize nutrients) of the ingredients. According to AAFCO standards, it is OK to destroy the enzymes in the foods by heating the products to high temperatures, feed exceedingly high amounts of carbohydrates, use synthetic vitamins and minerals and rancid fatty acids.  Genetically modified meats and vegetables (GMO), hormones, chemicals and pesticides, are not only allowed, there is no labeling to make people aware they are in the diet. Rendered foods (meats not fit for human consumption) and by products (non meat parts like hoofs, beaks and feathers) are allowed in pet food under AAFCO guidelines. 
There is no way to create a complete and balanced diet for each animal under the AAFCO standards in a “all done” prepackaged food. Plant derived vitamins and minerals are not stable in the mix and deteriorate. The fatty acids exposed to oxygen become rancid, making the diet inflammatory and contributing to dis-ease. 
EvoLove Raw was intentionally designed to separate the macro nutrients (meat, fat, bone and organ meat) from the micronutrients to preserve the highest quality of all the nutrients. The 85/15 formula is best given to healthy animals.  The 70/30 formula is best for animals with chronic degenerative disease (cancer, allergies, diabetes, obesity and arthritis).  There are times when blending the 2 may be best for the pet.
EvoLove Raw diet is designed to become complete and balanced when the pet parent adds the following supplements that are located at evoloveraw
1. Pet Fuel (The essential vitamins, minerals and super foods).
2. Omega Fatty Acids 
3. ION Gut Healthy for Pets
4. The addition of organic fermented foods (homemade kefir, sauerkraut) are important to support a healthy gut micro biome.  I do not recommend long term use of commercial probiotics as they have been shown to inhibit the repopulation of the diverse micro biome. 
The number one request from my clients is…
”Can you help my pet live forever”
Though none of us are going to live forever, what we should experience is a life of thriving, with abundant energy and happiness. Our pets deserve this as well, and it is up to us, the pet owners, to provide the diet and lifestyle that will enable them to live a life of thriving! The foundation for this healthy life is built on: 
  1. Eliminating as many toxins as possible.
  2. Feeding a quality raw diet with the proper essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and probiotics.  
Health is a choice, choose wisely!
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Dr. Marlene Siegel

Dr. Marlene Siegel has a long, inspiring history in the medical field. From an early age, she knew she wanted to make a difference. Her medical journey started as an emergency medical technician, but she always knew helping animals was her calling. After graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, she soon opened her own clinic, Pasco Veterinary Medical Clinic. She has a revolutionary approach using a raw diet, holistic, and traditional medicines to achieve the best results for her patients. Dr. Siegel practices in Lutz, Florida, and is available for phone consultations.