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Ways to Stay Warm When It’s Cold Outside

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By Ashley Martens

Baby, it’s cold outside! As the winter season settles in, many of us may be experiencing blustery winds, colder temperatures, and dark nights spent hibernating indoors. Instead of turning up the heat or heading off to a tropical beach destination until the spring thaw, find ways to stay warm when it is cold outside. You, and your wallet, will thank you.

#1 Drink Hot Beverages

 During chilly months, one of the easiest ways to warm up is with a hot beverage. No big newsflash here, but try mixing your usual go-to beverage with a pinch of warming spice to keep cozy long after you have drained your cup. Hot apple cider, coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine, tea, the options are endless and they all can benefit from a dash or two of cinnamon or ginger to spice things up in the most delicious way. Plus, certain herbs and spices may help ward off the dreaded winter cold and flu.

#2 Eat Cooked Foods

According to Ayurveda tradition, an alternative medicine system with historical roots in India, food should always be cooked during winter, which helps to aid in digestion. That means braising, grilling, roasting, and slow-cooking are in while serving raw foods like chilled salads, sandwiches, and soups are out. What better excuse to bust out the slow cooker to effortlessly whip up a batch of hearty homemade soup, a comforting casserole, or a savory stew. Need some kitchen inspiration? Here are five warming recipes for winter or check out these additional seven foods to help keep you warm this winter.

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#3 Get Outside

The winter season may keep many of us indoors, but do not let the freezing temperatures and frigid winter weather keep you inside. Fresh air feels good, even in cold temperatures. Spending time inside with the windows closed keeps the cold air out, but it also keeps the same air and germs inside. By bringing your workouts outdoors, we will be getting a breath of fresh air and a good dose of Vitamin D, which is another wonderful way to warm up in the winter – spending time outside in the ever-elusive winter sunshine.

A few tips for exercising outdoors during winter:

  • Be visible. When working out outdoors, do not forget to add a reflective layer so everyone can see you. This is especially important during the winter months when the days are shorter.

  • Don a hat. Heat escapes from our heads, so in order to stay warm during your winter workout, throw on a hat before you head into the great outdoors.

  • Grab a buddy. Finding the motivation to work out on your own can be tough any time of year, but it can be especially challenging in the cold winter weather, so grab a family member or friend and get your sweat session on together. It is harder to cancel when someone is counting on you.

  • Wear thin layers. When working out outdoors during winter, layer up with a base layer of sweat-wicking fabric followed by thermal layers. This will keep you warm without allowing sweat to accumulate underneath, which can give you the chills and keep you cold as you finish that final jog around the block.

  • Workout midday. Working out midday during the winter ensures you workout when daily temperatures are at their warmest. If working out midday is not an option, be careful. Early morning runs or evening walks can be dangerous when melted snow and water turns to ice, so run and walk with caution.

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#4 Head to the Gym

If you simply cannot imagine getting a workout in outside during winter, head to the gym instead. January is the best time to join a community gym or local boutique studio because there are a variety of New Year’s deals available. Whether it is a complimentary class or an entire week-long pass, do some research and see the offered options. Some studios might even have a buy one get one for you and your friend to enjoy together.

#5 Host Game Night

Getting your game night on may not seem like a way to warm up, but have you ever played an intense game of charades? Things can get pretty animated! This winter, host a weekly game night with family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you play one game one week and a new one the next or play multiple games in one night, everyone is sure to have a good time at a weekly winter game night. Remember to create a spread of your favorite snacks like cheese, crackers, and nuts. Do not forget the irresistible combination of salty and sweet too. You can even turn game night into a meal prep party.



#6 Incorporate Warming Spices into Baking and Cooking

Adding warming spices is a super simple way to stay warm during the cold winter months. Some wonderful winter spices include:


  • Allspice
  • Cardamom
  • Chili
  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Cumin
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Nutmeg
  • Turmeric


Add a pinch of these spices to your favorite meals or toss them in a mug of winter tea for an extra touch of tasty warmth.

#7 Sign Up for a Heated Yoga Class

After the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, many of us may be ready to slow things down and get our zen while also warming up. Whether you want to reset, stretch or unwind, a heated yoga class is a wonderful way to warm up during winter. Channel some island vibes and check out heated yoga studios in your local community or nearby town.

#8 Sip on a Mug of Bone Broth

Consuming homemade bone broth is a great source of warmth, especially during winter. Drinking bone broth is basically like a hug in a mug. It is also an excellent source of protein and high-quality fats, which can keep you warm and satiated even on the coldest of winter days. Use this guide to create a batch of your very own homemade bone broth or skip this step entirely and place a bone broth order online instead. It is easy and convenient!

#9 Step into a Sauna

If getting your sweat on with a yoga class or workout does not resonate with you, do not sweat it. Instead, sweat it out a different way with a sauna session. Nothing feels better on a freezing cold winter’s day than a good sweat session at the sauna. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, not to mention fully warmed up.

#10 Winter Workouts at Home

If leaving the house for a workout during the winter months is a complete non-negotiable for you altogether, try an at-home workout instead. You do not need any fancy equipment to get your sweat on, just your body weight. If you have equipment like kettlebells, light-weight dumbbells, medicine balls, or resistance bands, put them to good use and get your sweat on indoors this winter or get creative and repurpose everyday items like a gallon of laundry detergent or water and use it as weights.


Warm Up This Winter

Warm-up this winter with these ten tips to help you stay warm when it is cold outside. Check out these ten additional ten winter wellness tips to employ this season.