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Valentines Ballad by Kat James

sizzling steak with melting butter and thyme

Picture this: it’s February 14th, 2022 and you and your Valentine sit down to a lovely homemade meal. One bite into that juicy, tender, grass-fed steak and you are in love. Not just a surface-level love based on taste and texture, but a deep, caring love based on nutrition and environmental sustainability. Just like the soil biodiversity in the rotationally-grazed pastures, your appreciation enhances with energy and vibrance as you enjoy this steak.

Our dear friend, Kat James, has composed the perfect Valentine ballad for the grass-fed-and-finished, pastured, and wild-caught nutrition from US Wellness Meats. You, too, would belt out these loving lyrics if you had a grass-fed dinner in front of you!

Kat James

Kat’s passion for grass-fed and pastured organ meats, raw cheeses, steaks, poultry, and seafood is based on physical transformation testimonies she has catalyzed in many clients throughout the years. Kat invests her time and energy in sharing joy and comfort through optimal nutrition and individualized food ratios. Weight loss, reduced pain, and improved sleep have been gained through sensitizing clients to the hormone leptin. Kat’s clients have even experienced a reversal of dementia and cancer. Talk about heartwarming and inspirational!

Kat, thank you for your dedication to assisting others reach new levels of mental clarity and true health. We are thankful for these sincere lyrics that so many of us have felt but have never managed to articulate. We’ll be playing this tune on repeat this Valentine’s Day.

Use code “VALENTINE” for 15% off your order through February 14, 2022.

Kat James’ Total Transformation Classes

Read more about Kat’s Total Transformation Program where she teaches students one-on-one how to transform their lives with a clinically recommended nutritional and lifestyle protocol. Her next Total Transformation Classes will be February 11, 2022 and April 13th, 2022.

kat james show

Listen in to Kat’s streaming radio shows live or past episodes HERE