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Vacation Fat Burning Ocean Kayak Sprint Intervals

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we have exactly 27 days until our vacation to the Bahamas and we need to lose more body fat fast!  Now also after losing body fat we want to make sure we do not blow all of our hard work during the vacation by being too lazy.  What do you suggest for staying active on vacation?  What nutrition approach can we lose body fat as fast as humanly possible to look great on the beach? ~ Roger and Tara


Take advantage of the tropical location and ocean to stay active which not only helps to keep body fat off during vacation, but also improves energy levels.  One of the mistakes many people make when going on vacation is getting totally out of whack with their schedule, eating habits while being very lazy.  This always results in piling on body fat very fast as poor energy related to a lack of exercise causes more cravings for sugar as well as refined foods in particular.  Many dozens of people getting ready for vacations are having great fat loss success with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.

vacation fat burning, lose body fat

If you are short on time to be in great shape for this summer, Email for a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan which includes detailed nutrition menus and strategies to maximize your success.

Counting the Days and the Pounds up to Vacation

You can outsmart up to 10 pounds of body fat in just three weeks with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse if you apply yourselves with great effort.  The vacation deadline is a big positive as it is one of the best motivation sources that I have seen for clients.  Follow the strategic plan that Dr. Serrano and I put together the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan at the end of 2017 and have been thrilled with the results earned by clients world wide so far this year.  The plan is highly advanced yet painfully simple to execute.  The focus is on organic food consumption to make you feel energized while flipping many natural fat burning switches.

Macronutrient Cycling is the Spice of Life

We included macronutrient cycling protocols including the weekly high calorie day and day 22 carb load to keep the body burning stored fat as fuel at excellent rates.  People seeking to lose a lot of body fat can repeat that sequence as many times as they want to reach the desired level of body fat without the metabolism ever getting stale.  One key to long term success with body fat loss is using a variety of clean, sustainably raised foods to prevent boredom and to avoid food allergies, irritations as well as intolerances.  Look for new cuts of grass fed beef, pick a new wild caught fish or seafood choices, a wild dressing recipe and more to keep your meals fresh!

Surge Metabolism For Two Days

Fat Burning intervals surge metabolism and fat burning hormones following each well executed session.  The better the performance and attention to recovery- the higher fat burning markers can go for an extended period of time such as 48 hours.  Dr. Serrano and I have used countless different interval systems with varying time lengths, tension, inclines, venue adjustments and more to help clients maximize rates of fat burning.   There are many ways to customize fat burning intervals to bring on better results for each individual person.

Changing up the Venues

I advise clients to change up fat burning interval venues often to burn more fat, avoid overuse injuries and to prevent boredom.  While on vacation search out fat burning interval venues that are unique to that location.  Ocean kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing are a few that come to mind that are unique to vacation locations that are very enjoyable.  You just need the ability to go as hard as you can for 10 seconds followed by a 30 second jog pace for example.  Repeating this sequence for twenty to thirty minutes following a warm up.

Getting An Early Start

Do not oversleep which causes sluggishness for most people.  Instead pick a reasonable time to wake up and get active right away to take a walk outside especially if you are visiting a nice location.  This will create less food cravings at breakfast which is the worst time to eat refined foods.  According to studies the body is much more sensitive to bad food choices at breakfast in comparison to lunch or dinner.

Do Your Workout Before Lunch

To ensure training sessions get done it is best to schedule them early on in the day for many reasons.  I tell clients to shoot for 10 to 11 am for example before other distractions get in the way.  A weight training or fat burning interval session peaks energy levels and feelings of well being.  These sessions also set the stage for larger lunches and dinners with metabolism running higher to help prevent body fat accumulation.

Vacation Strategies

Dr. Serrano and I are in the middle of finishing our vacation nutrition and training strategies articles which come to many conclusions.  One of which is – If you want to eat big time on vacation, then you better have a high activity level throughout the day or you can go home from vacation with a lot more body fat than when you arrived.  In addition to structured sessions stay active throughout the day and evening.

vacation fat burning

Load up on healthy food sources to gain excellent nutrient values from food.  Try a new grass fed steak cut every month along with lamb, pork, beef bacon, baked chicken wings and more to insert variety into your nutrition plan.

Common Sense Approach

Now while I enjoy ocean kayaking I also know how to swim very well in case of falling out of the vessel.  Use caution when selecting new venues for fat burning intervals to make sure you do not put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Get a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and Day 22 Carb Load Nutrition Plan files including complete week of meal plans by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week while summer is red hot.


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