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USWM Customer Review: Virgin Island Hurricane Survivors Share Their Story

hurricane irma

USWM continues to keep Caribbean islands residents in our thoughts and prayers as they re-build from the destruction of 2017 hurricanes.



hurricane irma



We received the following note recently from the Virgin Islands

“…we had stocked up on US Wellness Meats before the shipping to US Virgin Islands was stopped. Prior to hurricane Irma, I was worried our home wouldn’t hold, so I brought some to the house we were staying “our hurricane bunker” and the bulk of it we stored at our friends home that had two generators. But, Irma was worse than we ever expected. That supply went and our generator crashed so the day after the hurricane I wasn’t going to let my precious last supply of Wellness Meats go to waste. I cooked everything that was perfectly defrosted in the freezer and people staggered in between salvage and road clearing missions to a table with steak, scallops, and lamb burgers. We were surrounded by destruction, but at least we could sit around a table, see our neighbors and enjoy a warm meal.”

“Thank you for the quality food you provide!


Jessica S.
Virgin Islands

Thank you Jessica for the kind words and for stepping up to aid your friends and neighbors in a time of great difficulty. At US Wellness Meats, we’re proud to have some of the best customers on the planet.