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Use Carbohydrates Correctly To Burn Body Fat Faster


Scott, I am extremely confused as to what to do with carbs to lose body fat.  Some say to intake 0 carbs forever while others recommend high amounts.  My group of friends are all looking to burn off around 15 pounds of body fat for a Spring Break Trip.  What do we need to do to lose fat and can we eat more carbs while traveling?

The right combinations, amounts, sources and timing of carbohydrates are very helpful for body fat loss.  In fact clients who use the Day 22 Carb Load notice much faster rates of body fat loss for several days following.  Why?  The right carbohydrate sources, amounts, combinations and timing are like adding a huge log to the fat burning fire as Dr. Eric Serrano MD often says to patients. I agree that a low carbohydrate approach is great for body fat loss for a period of time, but going without carbohydrates for too long will downgrade fat burning from a hormonal standpoint based on many years of Dr. Serrano’s research reviewing patient hormonal blood work.   Yes you can increase your carbohydrate intake for several days in a row if you are very active on your trip while supporting long term fat loss success.

treats for a free copy of the Day 22 Carb Load strategies and meal plan so that you can learn to use carbohydrates correctly to accelerate body fat loss.

Obviously sugar based refined foods are not the best carbohydrate choice to support body fat loss goals. 

Consuming treats occasionally with the right strategies including a high activity level has helped our clients prevent body fat accumulation even when certain food choices are far less than perfect.  A highly active vacation such as going to Disney World does create a situation with a higher carbohydrate tolerance for several days in a row.

Carbohydrates are Activity Dependent

The Day 22 Carb Load has produced great success for clients who use the protocol following the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. Just one day of increased carbohydrate intake from the right sources such as rice and potatoes can have a great impact on body fat loss.  One of the key mistakes made by the keto approach is that a long period without carbohydrate will downgrade thyroid levels making body fat loss extremely difficult and impossible for some.  The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse followed by the Day 22 Carb Load can be repeated as many times as you like to reach an ideal low level of body fat without getting stale. 

Macronutrient Cycling Benefits

The Day 22 Carb Load is a powerful macronutrient cycling protocol which differs strategically from the previous 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse menu.  The Day 22 Carb Load prevents metabolic staleness, revives fat burning hormones, lowers stress hormones and provides a huge boost to training performance for several days.


Sushi makes a great post exercise meal on the Day 22 Carb Load including wild caught fish or seafood, avocado and rice.  Those who do not like fish or seafood can also use cage free chicken, turkey and other lean protein sources on the Day 22 Carb Load to work synergistically with the fat burning strategies on that particular day.

Timing is Everything

The best times to consume carbohydrates are following intense exercise due to the favorable metabolic and hormonal conditions created.  During exercise some stored carbohydrates within the muscles known as glycogen are burned for fuel.  Ideally a low level of muscle glycogen is maintained so the body can learn to use more stored fat as fuel.  The wrong approach to a low carbohydrate intake can also cause the body to chew up hard earned muscle which reduces the size of the calorie burning engine.  Reduced levels of muscle glycogen create some space for carbohydrates to be stored during the meal following exercise instead of being left available to transition into stored fat.


25,000 steps per day, 2 weight training sessions that were 25 minutes, intermittent fasting techniques, reduced stress, improved sleep quality and other factors can improve carbohydrate tolerance dramatically over a four day trip to Disney World. 

Improving Carbohydrate Tolerance

There are times of the year when I advise clients to consume more carbohydrate to support faster rates of body fat loss and higher quality of life.  A great example would be a vacation that includes a very high activity level such as Disney World.  I took over 25,000 steps daily for four consecutive days and this absolutely will allow for more carbohydrate intake in comparison to other times of the year.

Make the Right Carbohydrate Choices

The key to success is avoiding the refined foods such as baked goods, bread, sugar base items and other things that cause insulin levels to go haywire. Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and foods higher in carbohydrates that are highly artificial in nature are highly problematic from multiple perspectives.  In other words the quality of food sources matter tremendously to avoid body fat accumulation and sluggishness.  

Meals should include dietary fat, protein and carbohydrate in roughly a 1/3 of each ratio. 

Your group of friends can consume carbohydrate from the right sources at least two meals each day if you are highly active throughout the trip.  Consider tours and physical activities that get you up and moving around.  Short weight training sessions such as the Strip 18 Program create excellent conditions for carbohydrate intake during the meal following training.  A week of higher carb intake combined with factors to improve carbohydrate tolerance will actually optimize metabolism and many other factors governing body fat loss over the long term.

Email  to get the Day 22 Carb Load and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Calendar.  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week so you are ready for Spring Break!

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Scott Mendelson

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