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How to Use Carbohydrates to Accelerate Fat Burning for Memorial Day and Beyond


I have no idea what to do about carbohydrate consumption and need to get fat loss going with summer approaching.  For the last 5 weeks I have been using a 0 carbohydrate plan with a bunch of organic food and the fat loss has slowed down significantly lately.  What do you suggest?  ~ Karen Cherry Hill NJ.



Karen, the correct carbohydrate sources, timing, amounts and frequency is critical for maximizing rates of body fat loss. Yes, low carbohydrate plans can work very well when properly structured, but after a few weeks things get stale from metabolic and hormonal stand points.  Dr. Serrano and I have found The Day 22 carb load to be incredibly effective for fat burning while improving daily energy following a 21 day period of low carbohydrate intake.



carbohydrate consumption



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Women Must Watch Out!


Women especially are at risk to huge drops in fat burning hormone levels including the thyroid when carbohydrate intake is too low for an extended period of time.  Consuming the correct carbohydrate sources, amounts and timing will prevent the pit falls of low carb fat loss efforts.  Combining carbohydrates such as potatoes and rice with healthy dietary fat and protein sources have the best impacts on rates of fat burning.


Weight training and fat burning interval sessions are ideal on the Day 22 Carb Load


Challenging exercise sessions create the ideal conditions for carbohydrate consumption through multiple metabolic and hormonal pathways.  Specific properties of meal such as cage free eggs and breakfast potatoes cooked in grass fed butter will have a powerful fat burning impact.



carbohydrate consumption



Organic Dietary Fats and Protein can help the body gain the most fat burning benefits out of targeted carbohydrate intake.


Healthy Dietary Fats and Proteins Create the Best Outcomes!


Based on years of experience clients using carbohydrate loading protocols gain the most benefits when using healthy dietary fat and protein sources.  My theory would be the lack of exogenous hormones and ideal dietary fat ratios create a more favorable metabolic response when consumed.  This may help to optimize insulin levels in a manner that supports additional fat burning instead of fat storage.  Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone which can be spiked very high with the wrong carbohydrate consumption.


Author: Scott Mendelson


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