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US Wellness Reviews & Praise

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We hate to toot our own horn, so we’ll let others do it for us. We have been blessed over the years to have relationships with so many fine people who have dedicated themselves and their message to encouraging and teaching folks to appreciate sustainably raised, healthy food sources. If you’re looking for US Wellness Reviews, you’ve come to the right place. This is just a few of the nice things said about US Wellness over the years.

All beef is a great source of iron, B vitamins and zinc—three nutrients many Americans don’t get enough of. About 50 years ago, farmers started to fatten cattle on grain instead of grass. But grass-fed beef has so many virtues. According to Loren Cordain, a professor in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University, grass-fed beef resembles the wild game our ancestors ate. It contains less fat, less saturated fat, more CLA (an anti-cancer fat) and more omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef. Overall the nutrient profile of grass-fed beef is far and away better for the animal’s health and likewise our own.

The New York Times:

“It has taken me three years to find a piece of grass-fed beef that is tender, juicy, meaty and available online… the steaks from Grassland Beef [now U.S. Wellness Meats] are satisfyingly delicious.”
— Marian Burros, Food Columnist New York Times [11.26.2003]

“Four of the ribeye steaks; including one from U.S. Wellness Meats, brought back memories of the beef flavor meat had before cattle were stuffed with grain in feedlots.”
— Marian Burros, Food Columnist New York Times

Chicago Daily Herald
Chicago Daily Herald:

“A little less than a year ago I found a terrific company from which I get grass-fed, grass-finished beef: US Wellness Meats, located in Canton, Missouri (population 2,377). Contact them at”
Don Mauer, Food Columnist Chicago Daily Herald [01.24.2018]  Read the original article.

“How were my beef short ribs? Amazing. Even though grass-finished beef is much leaner than CAFO beef, my ribs were moist and full of flavor; almost difficult to stop eating. My beef and barley soup had a big beef flavor from the bones.”  See Don Mauer’s recipe for mouthwatering short ribs.
Don Mauer, Food Columnist Chicago Daily Herald [01.24.2018]

top 10 sustainable food companies, food business review

Food Business Review

Where Taste Meets Health with Grass-fed Meat Products


See the article

Dr. Eric Berg:

nom nom paleo, US Wellness Review
nom nom paleo

“The quality, taste, and healthfulness of grass-fed meat and sustainably-caught fish are unsurpassed. When I cook with these premium proteins, I try to highlight their flavors and not overcomplicate the preparations because the ingredients speak for themselves.”

– Michelle Tam, Nom Nom Paleo, US Wellness Feature Chef 

Here’s to Your Health with Joshua Lane

Listen to the interview 

John Wood, US Wellness managing partner discusses the nutrition aspects of grass-fed. 

US Wellness Review
 Civilized Caveman Cooking

“I learned about grass-fed meat from reading every Paleo and Primal book I could get my hands on. The book that changed my life was the Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and that’s where it all started. After that, a quick google search, and I immersed myself in every bit of research I could find. Once I made the change and the health benefits became apparent by experiencing them I was hooked for life. Don’t believe me, you can come check the deep freezer in my garage stocked to the rim with grass-fed meat.”

– George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations, US Wellness Feature Chef

US wellness Review

“These pork chops I got from US Wellness Meats are ridiculous. They are so stupid good. It took a lot of self control to not eat the entire package I had bought. If you haven’t checked out their meats yet, do it. DO IT NOW.”

– Juli Bauer, PaleOMG, US Wellness Feature Chef


US Wellness Review

“US Wellness Meats is a meat delivery service that goes beyond just selling organic meat door to door. It is so much more than this. Think of every butcher shop product you would want for the Keto, Paleo or general healthy diet and they have it.” Opinion: We recommend that if you are fussy over what meat you eat then you MUST try out US Wellness Meats. The prices and the quality of the produce is truly spectacular and for a company that has been providing Paleo and Primal meats for 19 years, they are trusted by many too.

See the walk-through ordering video.

US Wellness Reviews
Barbecued Beef Chuck Short Ribs — A Nice Treat That You Don’t Want to Share

The barbecued ribs were so soft and tender, melt in your mouth delicious. I told my husband that we were probably way over our limit in portion size and could have shared it a little, but as we scarfed it down, we didn’t really care. I made campanelle and pancetta in a smoky goat cheese, and cooked up some orange cauliflower that I froze at the end of the summer.

US Wellness Reviews

With the growing eco-savviness of home chefs, a gift certificate from US Wellness Meats will be an extra special Christmas treat for the gourmets on your gift list…

mommy's block party
Mommy’s Block Party

“The US Wellness bacon took our Saturday morning breakfast to another level! The texture was perfectly crisp while still remaining tender and melt-in-your-mouth. I love that it’s free of MSG, nitrates, and dyes like bacon you find at the store. The ingredients are simple: pork, sea salt (hickory smoked). Isn’t that how bacon is supposed to be?”

Mint Life
Best Sources For Affordable, Healthy Food
By Kate Kordsmeier | Root and Revel

US Wellness Meats is Featured In:

paleo magazine cover

Paleo Magazine

US Wellness was voted  “Best Online Food/Product Supplier”!

“Is it their Whole-30 Approved sugar-free bacon?  Or other hard to find items at your fingertips, like liverwurst or beef bacon?  Founder John Wood and the other family farmers of US Wellness Meats continue to give the Paleo community delicious meat and products from animals raised in harmony with nature.”

– Paleo Magazine, Feb/March 2013

“Every meat is Paleo, but quality makes a difference. Buy grass-fed, wild, and pastured when applicable and possible. Also, ignore any sites that tell you to eat only lean meats – that advice is based on 20-year old research and beliefs. If you have trouble getting good quality meats in the US, then check out US Wellness Meats here and get it delivered to your door!

Also, while chicken is included in this “meats” category, please don’t just eat chicken as your protein! Eat a variety of meats (including organ meats and fish and seafood) to ensure you get all your nutrients.”

Paleo Magazine, The Ultimate Paleo Diet Food List

US Wellness Reviews

Make It Paleo

By: Bill Staley & Hayley Mason

“Make it Paleo is our first book (first published in October, 2011), and has sold over 50,000 copies worldwide. Weighing in at 448 pages, this book is the best bang for your buck if you want a LOT of recipes. The recipes in this book are typically easy, require few ingredients, and are perfect for newcomers to Paleo (or cooking in general). The “treats and cheats” section in the book is worth the price of admission alone!

The Food Lovers Make It Paleo

Hayley and Bill are the dynamic cooking duo behind Primal Palate. Their lifelong passion for food and cooking has led them to write an internationally recognized blog, three bestselling Paleo cookbooks, and develop a line of organic seasonings that are out of this world!

US Wellness Reviews

Against All Grain

By: Danielle Walker

“Omitting grains, gluten, dairy, and refined sugar doesn’t correlate with omitting taste in these recipes. Easy-to-follow instructions are complemented by mouthwatering photos that seem to burst off the page with flavor. Danielle’s recipes are sure to leave you feeling satisfied and exhilarated, rather than deprived.

Against All Grain

US Wellness Reviews

Beyond Bacon

By: Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry

Beyond Bacon pays homage to the humble hog by teaching you how to make more than a hundred recipes featuring cuts from the entire animal. While bacon might be the most popular part of the pig for those following the paleo diet, there is a plethora of other delicious and nutrient dense cuts to enjoy.”

Beyond Bacon

US Wellness Review

Tender Grassfed Meat

By: Stanley Fishman

“So far, I have only found such (organ) sausages at US Wellness Meats.  They sell liverwurst, braunschweiger ,and headcheese that are full of healthy grassfed organ meats, and meet all my other requirements.  These sausages work well in my recipes, and are delicious on their own.”

Tender Grassfed Meat

US wellness Review

Tender Grassfed Barbecue

By: Stanley Fishman

“I finally learned how to cook by studying and adapting traditional cooking methods.  I finally realized that traditional coking methods might work for barbecue as well.  I also realized that traiditional barbecue methods must have produced safe food, beacuse all of the traditional people barbecued, and all of them were free of chronic illness when they ate their traditional diet.”

Tender Grassfed Barbecue

The Carnivore Cookbook

By: Jessica Haggard

“If you can’t source local offal, visit US Wellness for a variety of poultry parts, beef and bison bits, as well as organ meat sausages (a great option if you would like to “disguise” your offal.”The Carnivore Cookbook