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US Wellness Meats Wild-Caught Seafood

US Wellness Meats partners with sustainable seafood sources to provide high-quality, wild catch. Browse the health benefits of this nourishing seafood, including high Vitamin D, Omega 3s, and Vitamin B12 that support brain, thyroid, and heart health. 

Lummi Island Wild

“We are Lummi Island Wild Co-op, a sustainable wild salmon, and seafood co-op offering a full lineup of truly sustainable seafood and non-perishable items. Our reef net fishery has near zero by-catches, runs off solar power, and produces some of the best wild seafood in the world. Here is a short video showing exactly why we are so passionate about what we do:”

Lummi Island Wild Banner seafood fish reef

With 20 years of experience, Lummi’s reef net fishery is recognized as one of the most sustainable on the planet. They partner with tribal and state fishers in the Salish Sea (Washington State) and Alaska to provide high-quality catch as nature intended. 

Salish Sea fisheries in Washington
Salish Sea fisheries in Washington

All fish are wild-caught and never farm-raised and therefore receive no additional feed. They are humanely slaughtered and individually handled with care, which eliminates any bycatch. The fish is flash-frozen, which locks in that “just-caught” taste and quality. The exact harvest times vary depending on commercial fishing availability. Lummi Island Wild takes pride in offering younger and smaller fish naturally lower in mercury. Products include… 

Vital Choice Seafood

This Washington-based company is deeply committed to supplying only sustainably harvested seafood. All their seafood is wild-caught, most of which is harvested off the west coast. All their salmon products are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council, and many of their other offerings are also certified. Products include… 

vital choice wild caught seafood smoked salmon can pouch

Consider adding a variety of this wild-caught, nutrient-rich seafood to your next order from US Wellness Meats. Browse our Discover Blog for seafood recipes: pan-seared salmon, fish tacos, bacon-wrapped scallops, and more!