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US Wellness Meats Ground Beef – What Makes It So Good?

grassfed beef, all natural ground, burger

A Little Grass-fed History

When you’re listening to the sizzle of the grill this summer, you may wonder what makes US Wellness Meats ground beef so delicious?

Back in the late 1990’s, several midwest farm families got together determined to develop a healthier model to farming. The founding farm families of US Wellness Meats have decades of farming experience, but it wasn’t until those initial meetings that they decided to forge a new path. This new path turned out to be an old formula for sustainable farming that raised forage-based cattle, improved soil with managed animal impact and long rest cycles, and in turn, restored fatty acid and vitamin profiles our ancestors consumed for centuries.

In late 1999 Iowa State and University of Illinois biochemistry labs tested and found raised levels of anti-inflammatory Omega 3’s & CLA and lower levels of inflammatory Omega 6’s. This new information bolstered research from the University of Wisconsin in the mid-1980s touting the benefits of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which comes from the lipids produced from fermenting green forage in the cow’s digestive tract. CLA fights cancer, diabetes and it has been shown to increase lean muscle and decrease body fat. It is also heart and circulatory friendly.

It was now time to chart a new marketing course, turning solar energy and rainfall into surprisingly tasty and tender beef cuts. In September 2000, US Wellness Meats was legally formed.

Fast forward to 2017 and you have a family run business that specializes in healthier, alternative food choices, rich in nutrients and consistently delicious! The past 17 years has seen significant increases in soil organic matter, water infiltration rates, and abundance of new plant species above ground and an explosion of soil biology below ground.

probiotics, pasture scene with nutrients

Healthy Fats & Ground Beef

USWM 100% grass-fed ground beef is available in a variety of lean percentage choices. However, the real difference is in the quality, nutrition, and taste!

Good health requires a diet that is rich in certain essential nutrients like CLA, Omega 3, antioxidants; including vitamins E, beta-carotene, vitamin C and more. It really comes down to your ancestral DNA, the tests just confirm what should be common knowledge. Sustainable farming practices, like managed grazing, are a big part of ensuring food quality and nutrition levels. For over a million years we ate proteins and fats from herbivores that roamed planet Earth. In the 1960’s the concept of starch diets went mainstream for beef cattle with unintended consequences as we departed from the centuries old forage based norm. Our animals eat right so you can too!


What Makes Our Ground Meats So Good?

Once you have a good product, it becomes a matter of assembling a professional team dedicated to preparing and packaging it consistently. USWM customers have come to expect the best and our Meat Department is second to none. The US Wellness meat department employs only the finest, most experienced individuals. Experience is a key to consistent product quality and Farmer/CEO John Wood has assembled a team with a vast amount of experience. Five have over 35 years in the meat industry. That’s a lot of experience in meat cutting, packaging, processing and quality control.

So you see, the quality of US Wellness meat products isn’t by accident. Quite the contrary…quality begins from the ground up!

USDA Approved Meat Department & 3rd Party Auditing

USWM Meat Production Manager, Melvin Burkemper, is fond of saying “there’s a difference between clean and sanitary. Clean is good, sanitary is even better.” While visiting with the managers of the meat department, I realized this isn’t just a catchy thing to say. He means it! Not only is this statement accurate, but the meat department managers I spoke with, Mel Burkemper, Darin Baker, and Regina Chapman take great pride in this fact.

The US Wellness meat department is USDA certified, but that’s not all, USWM voluntarily contracts with a 3rd party auditing service to insure products maintain consistent quality.

Grass-fed Bottom Line: Expect Quality Every Time

USWM customers should expect quality product every time. Now, does that mean USWM is perfect? Of course not, but we do our best to correct any issues that arise without hesitation. Grass-fed meats are raised on a variety of farms in different parts of the country. We have farms in NE Missouri, Illinois, Alabama, Montana, and a small percentage on the north shore of Tasmania, Australia. Tasmania has a utopia grass growing climate. The Tasmania partnership allows USWM to avoid out of stock issues on several popular cuts such as flanks, hanger and skirt steaks. Much like a fine wine, some people can detect flavor characteristics depending on the region it’s raised.

Good Nutrition Sealed Inside

Our ground beef products are ground twice. The second trip through the grinder gives US Wellness ground meats a better product consistency. Once it’s ready for packaging, the ground meat is vacuum sealed using top of the line equipment in safe, food grade plastic. These packages then make a trip to USWM onsite, state of the art, patented quick freezing system. The system employs AirFlow technology to maintain an average temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit for two days. 

grass-fed ground beef, burger, all-natural ground beef, grass finished beef

Ground Beef Varieties

USWM offers a variety of ground beef choices:

USWM also offers ground beef in Patties and Sliders.

You may also enjoy our Adobo Beef Meatballs (Heat & Serve). This is a new product that has gotten rave reviews. We start with our grass-fed, grass-finished 75% Lean Ground Beef and add Organic Adobo Seasoning to make a delicious meatball! These are pre-cooked so you just heat and serve.

So, there you have it. A commitment to quality and good nutrition! Thousands of customers over 20 plus years agree…US Wellness ground beef is a superior quality ground beef…and now you know why.