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US Wellness Featured Farmer Series: Gunthorp Farms

Great news! US Wellness Meats is happy to announce that pasture raised ground turkey is back in stock!

Our pasture raised ground turkey is now sourced from Gunthorp Farms in LaGrange, Indiana. We invite you to learn more about the Gunthorps and their small family farm.

What makes Gunthorp Farms special? Lots of things!

In 1998, Greg Gunthorp was selling hogs to the commodity market for less than his grandfather had during the Great Depression. Being a 4th generation pastured hog farmer, quitting did not seem like an option, so he knew he had to do something different. After a long string of events, Gunthorp sold his first hog to an upscale restaurant, but not just any restaurant – Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago!

Since that first hog, Gunthorp has expanded to raising not only hogs, but also chickens, turkeys, and ducks (all on pasture without use of antibiotics, the same way the family has done for generations). He built a USDA inspected meat processing plant on the farm as well to give control of the product, all the way from farm-to-table.

Gunthorp Farms does a whole line of products; from whole animal carcasses to portioned cuts like chops and chicken breasts to a full line of ground products and smoked meats.

Gunthorp Farms also does all their own distribution to upscale restaurants and retail locations – primarily in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne areas.

Gunthorp Farms is proud to be a small family business, with Greg and his wife Lei and their three children all playing key roles in the success of the business. They also employ approximately 20 full-time and 10 part-time employees.

The Gunthorp family prides themselves in being advocates for rural development, sustainable agriculture, and very small niche meat processing.

What makes Gunthorp Farms’ ground turkey so special? Lots of things! 

How are they raised?

The ground turkey is sourced from Broad breasted white birds. The birds are pasture raised without the use of antibiotics. They are never given any added hormones or drug treatments.

What are they fed?

The turkeys are pasture raised from 7 weeks. They are fed non-GMO corn and non-GMO soybeans.

How are they harvested? 

The birds are harvested on the farm in a USDA inspected meat processing plant. The plant is certified organic, therefore all interventions are OMRI approved. The birds are harvested at 16-24 weeks old and 12-24 pounds.

The birds are grown and harvested seasonally in northeast Indiana when there is green grass. Frozen turkey is available after the growing season.