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Unbalanced Core Six Pack Training

core training


What is the quickest route to a six pack?  We have about 6 weeks until a great trip.  At times I have shown 4 abdominal muscles pretty well, but never the whole deal.  My muscles were not well defined even as body fat levels dropped lower.

~ Troy and Wendy



The keys to success are training the core muscles as nature intended and heating up fat burning hormones during the same training session as part of Unbalanced Core Training.  Holding medicine balls or other household objects in specific positions make the abdominal, lower back and postural muscles work like crazy even with a small weight load.


core training


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Pumping up Fat Burning Hormones

Keeping rest periods short between sets while quality remains high is very challenging.  The sheer density of the training sessions increase fat burning hormones dramatically especially when the correct nutrition and recovery parameters are in place.  The rest periods as outlined in the full program range from thirty to sixty seconds which should be monitored on a watch or phone for accuracy.

Make the Six Pack Shine

Obviously reducing body fat levels can help the abdominal muscles show more effectively for both men and women.  However improving the actual muscle development of the abdominal wall will make a huge difference as well for great symmetry.  Like any other muscle group, core training must be done correctly and I can guarantee you that crunches as well as infomercial devices are not the answer.

Core Muscles Were Meant to Balance

Nature intended for the core muscles to work together to balance the torso during daily activities, competition and intense exercise.  Dr. Eric Serrano MD includes unbalanced core training within programs for patients from all walks of life to build a stronger core which can reduce the risk of a wide variety of injuries.


core training


Nutrition plan choices have a huge impact on the ability to earn a great six pack by lowering body fat levels.  Meals full of grass fed beef including beef bacon with cage free eggs are a great choices as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse High Calorie Days.

How much weight load?

I used a ten pound medicine ball for the video demonstrations which felt like a ton for the core muscles and the lower body.  A can of soup may be heavy enough for a beginner so do not make excuses not to try the program just because you do not have medicine balls available.  The weight load can also be reduced during the set which I often do for personalized program clients in a strategic fashion.

Firming Up in All of the Right Places with Core Training

Unbalanced core work provides great training for the lower body and helps women in particular firm up in all of the right places which is very important for a beach vacation!  Advanced clients can elevate the rear leg for even more strategic challenge for the glutes, hamstrings and thighs.

Look and Feel Leaner

Clients have reported consistently this summer that they look and feel leaner when consuming organic food choices.  I believe this has to do with the body having an easier time digesting organic foods which in turn meals less gas build up in the mid-section.  Removing food allergies, irritations and intolerances from the food intake as determined by blood testing has made a huge difference for clients and their ability to lose body fat.

The First Meal of the Day

While on vacation make sure your first meal of the day especially is full of healthy food choices such as cage free eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed butter and tomatoes for example to get the day off to a great start with easy digestion.

Get a free copy of the Unbalanced Core Six Pack Training Workout by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days a week by email or phone.


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