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Time Variant Physique Transformation Training

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Scott, I am getting back into the gym consistently to get rid of this Covid Body Fat before summer. I have a lot of experience weight training from prior years, but I feel I need some new training methods to match my enthusiasm for a body transformation. What do you suggest? Can my wife benefit from the same training plan? ~ Ken

Ken, fresh training stimuli are absolutely necessary to maximize your rates of body fat loss and overall physique transformation. Going into the gym to just crank out reps or other basic methods cannot maximize fat burning hormone levels or muscle fiber stimulation. Controlling strategic pause lengths and the lowering of weight loads against gravity adds tremendous challenge in addition to productivity. Yes, the Time Variant Physique Transformation Training is excellent for men and women.

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Controlling the Weight Load

You and your wife will notice the significant increase of challenge when controlling the weight load during the lowering phase of the rep and strategic pauses. It is a whole different ball game so to speak in regards to how the body responds with an explosion of fat burning hormones. Short rest periods further amplify the fat burning benefits and allow for a few sessions each week under 40 minutes.

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Set the Stage of Maximum Fat Burning

A combination of flexible fasting, low carb intake and other strategies built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System enable the body to attack more stored fat as fuel during your exercise sessions. Yes with the right recovery support you can train during the morning, afternoon or evening to fit your schedule. It is ok to change the training time daily if needed, however sessions earlier in the day tend to be more productive.

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