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Thyme Square Cafe In Quincy, Illinois Serves Grass-Fed Burgers

Thyme Square, Grass-fed Burgers

US Wellness Meats has the distinct privilege of working with some of the finest restaurants in the country. We’re also very fortunate to have one of these establishments right in our backyard. Thyme Square Cafe is right across the mighty Mississippi River in Quincy, Illinois. We share a similar commitment to healthy, locally sourced foods from sustainable family farms.

This commitment comes through in the quality, nutritional value, presentation, and flavor of the food as well as the atmosphere. What a great place to enjoy a meal! Bright & cheery with the smells of artisan, exceptionally prepared fine foods wafting through the cafe.



thyme square, grass-fed burger restaurant



Locally Grown, Artisan Crafted, Gourmet Food

Chef Cory Shupe has delivered on the promise of excellent food raised locally! Their menu is loaded with food grown on family farms.

US Wellness Meats is proud to provide the 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef Chef Cory uses to craft their amazing gourmet burgers. The Thyme Square Burger and Mushroom Gruyere Burger are hands down some of the finest burgers around.



Thyme Square, Grass-fed Burgers



Grass-Fed Burger Restaurant

These are two of our favorite items available at this local grass-fed burger restaurant.

Thyme Square Burger

1/2 lb grass-fed burger, house-smoked bacon, sunny side-up farm-fresh egg, aged cheddar, and house-made aioli

Mushroom Gruyere Burger
1/2 lb grass-fed burger, topped with red wine braised mushrooms, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese, and house-made aioli

Grass-fed burgers aren’t the only delicious menu items though. They also have an excellent selection of soups, salads, deli sandwiches, seafood, and more!

If you find yourself in our part of the country, first check in with us for a visit through Grassland Market. Then, by all means, make the short drive over to the Gem City (Quincy, IL) for a memorable gourmet meal at Thyme Square. Enjoy!


Thyme Square
615 Hampshire Avenue
Quincy, Illinois 62301

7am-2pm •  Tuesday–Saturday
8am-1pm •  Sunday
Closed Monday



Grassland Market
18685 316th Ave
Canton, Missouri 63435

9:30am-7pm • Monday – Friday
10am-5pm • Saturday
10am-3pm • Sunday