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The Ultimate Immunity Biohack: Recover Your Leptin Function with FOOD

leptin sensitivity, anti-inflammatory foods, magnesium from your diet, aging, amaranth, telomeres

By Kat James

In a very short time, the average person (and not just here in America) has learned a lot about self-protection to stay well amid this CV-19 crisis. Social distancing, washing hands; even self-isolation when we’re sick. And because you read this newsletter, I’m guessing you’re pretty well-versed in the supplements and herbs that can also bolster your immunity, such as vitamins D, C, quercetin, NAC, probiotics, zinc, and medicinal mushrooms. Pau Pereira is particularly suited to fight an RNA viruses like CV-19. Osha root has long been used for respiratory illnesses. But arming yourself with all of this could still be in vain if you’re suppressing your immunity—or hormonal functions relating to insulin, and leptin—with alcohol or foods that turn into sugar. Not just the obvious ones. If you carry extra pounds, are diabetic, or deal with cravings, energy swings, or insomnia—in spite of all that you do to stay healthy—it’s also likely that you deal with another issue that dramatically impacts your immunity: leptin resistance.


Leptin Resistance and Immunity

Leptin is the body’s “master hormone” that literally regulates human immune function, activating our neutrophils and natural killer (NK) cells, according to numerous clinical and in-vitro studies. Poor leptin function, or “leptin resistance”— similar in concept to insulin resistance and even more common— is a challenge to your proper immune response, contributing to both inadequate, as well as over-active (autoimmune) immune response imbalances. Even more amazing is the fact that all of this regulation is highly dependent on the metabolic effects (not just purity and quality) of the food you eat. In other words, you could be eating low-carb, Paleo, or keto and never experience the quantum leap in benefit you could have from consistent leptin sensitivity.

As I’ve shared here before, my own firsthand experience regarding the truly miraculous immune-regulating effects of leptin happened thirty years ago, before leptin was even discovered. I had several serious autoimmune health issues affecting my gut, and liver, as well as my skin, and the thyroid problems that contributed to my former obesity and inflamed state. By unwittingly reestablishing leptin’s function and signaling in my brain, through my years of symptom-based dietary experimentation, I was able to correct my immune response and resolve inflammation throughout my body, while returning to an unprecedented, calm physical and emotional state (something we all need more of these days), via restored autonomic nervous system balance. This not only ended my 12-year binge-eating disorder and obesity, but also healed my gut and microbiome (read: immunity), liver, underactive thyroid, and rash-ravaged skin—all by giving up the insulin- and leptin-spiking, fat-phobic food choices (some obvious and others shocking for most to learn) that had caused my leptin resistance in the first place. For more on leptin, please read this article:

More Vulnerable With Age: Leptin, Thymus Shrinkage, T-Cells and Immunity

As we know, the elderly, have increased vulnerability, even to common flu and cold viruses. One of the reasons is that the thymus gland shrinks and becomes less active as we age, producing fewer of a specific type of T-cells that fight novel pathogens that we’ve never been exposed to before. Zinc supplements have been shown to prevent some of that lost function. But optimizing and reestablishing leptin sensitivity is truly a game-changer when it comes to boosting thymus function.

Lung Health, Inflammation Reduction, and Stem Cell Activation

Another fascinating consideration is the current observational reports of stem cell treatments reducing lung inflammation and assisting virus sufferers in regaining lung function. It is interesting, then, to note that proper leptin function has been proven to reduce body-wide inflammation and activate mesenchymal stem cells in humans. Leptin’s function has also been shown to affect lung function.

It’s important to note that it’s not the elevation of leptin which is good. Quite the contrary, in general: it’s the lowering of leptin—just like the lowering of insulin—that helps us regain sensitivity to it. And speaking of insulin resistance… reversal of leptin resistance will also include concurrent reversal of diabetes. Diabetics are at increased vulnerability to many viral threats.

Powerful Dietary Dos and Don’ts

Consistent and life-long achievement and maintenance of proper leptin function—affecting virtually all systems of the body—is something that should be pursued carefully, as far as dietary changes, since it involves shifting the body into its intended, fat-burning state, often with some transitional discomfort due to yeast die-off, energy interruption, and enzyme-production adjustments in the body. It takes me at least twelve hours to effectively teach anyone how to achieve, and then individualize their own lifestyle (biologically, logistically, culturally, culinarily), — successfully and long-term—even after thirty years of firsthand experience and protocol honing. Virtually all online guidelines I’ve seen include dietary loopholes, large and small, as well as carb counts or popular fasting or “carb cheat day” guidelines that 100 retreats and nearly fifty online groups have consistently shown to thwart leptin sensitivity. Many list “free foods” such as nuts and bacon (and many more), or even flavorings or supplements with ingredients that can surprisingly interfere.

Because everyone’s leptin-optimizing fat, carb, and protein ratios will be slightly different, the best way to go about it if you try this on your own, is to very gradually cut carbs and increase a wide variety of quality plant and animal fats (always grass-fed) until you experience classic symptoms of leptin sensitivity —i.e., a sudden, concurrent drop in appetite, loss of excess (inflammation-related) fluid, clearing of brain fog, deepening of sleep, and elevation and evening out of energy, and normalization trend in your weight (even if you’re underweight).

leptin, anti-inflammatory foods, magnesium from your diet, aging, amaranth, telomeres


Dark greens are your best plant foods for achieving leptin sensitivity. Many types of cooked vegetables can throw you off. Back in 1990, without guidance or even understanding what I’d harnessed, it still took me almost two years of trial and error before the quantum and sudden “leap” into leptin sensitivity took place in my own body. Now I can guide people through this to achieve the “switch” in about five days. And when it happens, those symptoms I just mentioned will only be the beginning of a new era affecting every head-to-toe aspect of your health…

Motivated by the health crisis of our day, you might find a silver lining for your health by turning on one of the greatest maximizers of our body and mind potential—including your mood and ability to cope with stressful and changing circumstances— a new life with miraculous leptin sensitivity.

Kat James

Kat James is an award-winning health and nutrition author and leptin pioneer who’s been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as “the Jane Goodall of leptin” for her decades of “living along with” her clients through their biochemical transition.  One of the original “bio-hackers” back in 1990, her once-controversial, original dietary method, which she pieced together, unguided, to save her own life—now recommended at top neurologic, fertility, functional medicine, stem cell, and metabolic clinics— has left countless dramatic success stories, like hers, in its wake and been featured at top American and European spas and institutions such as Omega Institute and Canyon Ranch, as well as on Today, PBS, and in Ladies’ Home Journal, Life Extension, Conde Nast Traveler, and others. To learn more about her international Total Transformation® on-site, and online Programs, her Silver Nautilus Award-winning bestseller, The Truth About Beauty, or her national radio show on SiriusXM, visit her website since 1998,