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The Journey of Finding My Pet the Right Food

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By: Janet Thome


I have been a customer of US Wellness Meats for over 5 years. I found them on my search when I wanted to feed my dogs raw meat and I did not trust the food in the grocery store with their ”all natural” labels because most of the animals are factory farmed, they are fed GMO feed and are full of antibiotics and not treated humanely.

It’s been a long journey trying to master the art of feeding my dogs and I have made a lot of mistakes because of the so called experts. First I started with dog food that I found at my vet and thought it could be trusted because of the commercials I had seen all my life.

I stopped feeding that food from the vet, because a friend told me that they put euthanized animals, road kill, hair, collars, expired grocery store meat, meat that has had disease cut off, fillers and pure garbage in most dog food. If you want to know more about this, please read Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin who has done major investigation in the pet food industry. Another suggested read is an article by Dana Scott. In this article you will learn about the unholy alliance between pet food companies and rendering plants. 


My Next Move: Gourmet Dog Food

Then I spent big bucks on gourmet dog food that was suppose to be healthier and started cooking some food for them, and because of one of the leading vets in the country, I mixed the meat with various grains and one of my beloved dogs got diabetes which I tried to manage for over a year and I had to sadly put him down.

I now know that grains are not healthy for dogs or humans because it turns into sugar and much of it is also sprayed with round up. Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, explains it  best in Wheat Belly, Total Health

It is interesting to note that one of the most popular ”holistic” dog foods has a 32 million dollar lawsuit because their ingredients were questionable.

Please watch Pet Fooled to understand the dangers of commercial dog food. The entire film is available on Netflix.

Optimize your pet's diet

A New and Improved Diet for My Pets

Now, I take charge of all my ingredients and do not feed pet food to my dogs because of all the recalls that seem to be happening every year. I feel the greatest power we have is to vote with what we buy and I do not want to support these horrible companies that are only motivated by profit which is the common thread that is the problem with our food, the health industry and every corporation that does not put integrity first.

I buy a combination of pet burger which is 65% ground beef, 5% liver and 5% heart and ground chicken and duck backs that is ground with the bones. The pet food is the highest quality you can buy and I appreciate that you can buy direct from heritage farmers that raise animals like it was the standard fifty years ago, where they are treated humanely and not fed GMO feed and are grass-fed.

My favorite meat I buy for myself is their NY Strip Steaks and Boneless Pork Chops. I especially do not want to support factory pig farming, if you want to know more this topic, please read The Righteous Pork Chop by Nicholette Hahin Niman.

One other amazing choice that US Wellness Meats offers is some Wild-Caught Seafood products from Vital Choice.

I am very grateful to have found US Wellness Meats for my dog’s health and mine.

Janet Thome
Washington State