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The “Benjamin Button” Effect: USWM Customer’s Life After Keto and Intermittent Fasting

kat james, total transformation program

NOTE FROM USWM PRESIDENT, JOHN WOOD: Over the years, I’ve shared my own, as well as several of my staff members’ remarkable health results from Kat James’ leptin-focused, Total Transformation® Programs, which have featured USWM pastured products, since our beginnings, in 2000. We often hear success stories from our customers who’ve attended her programs. I hope you’ll be inspired by this one from Las Vegas-based musician and USWM customer, Lou Verardo, ahead of James’ December 6-11th “Holiday Transformation” Program (see details below).

Lou Verardo, 69:

“I was an up-and-coming guitarist, studying with jazz greats in Vegas since the ’80s, then got testicular cancer that metastasized to my lymph nodes in ’96. I did chemo, which caused new health issues for me, like interrupted sleep, foot and hand neuropathies, and brain fog that affected my guitar playing. The good news is I’m still here, thanks to the herbal concoction I believe saved my life. But after 26 years, including the last four years of doing keto with intermittent fasting (I.F.), I still never thought I’d wake up rested, or wear regular shoes again. I did lose 40 lbs with the keto/I.F. combo, then half of that weight crept back on. My ideal weight was 152, but I never broke 159 lbs, no matter how many workouts I did or meals I skipped. And new health issues popped up in spite of it, such as sleep apnea, requiring a CPAP, slowed urination (requiring Flomax as needed), and an increasingly protruding gut, even with under 30 carbs a day… But the most concerning one, in the last two years, was excruciating lower back pain after exertion, due to what my doc called incurable, “age-related degenerative disc disease.” Until recently, I chalked all this up to getting older.

Just before arriving at Kat James’ health retreat in Sedona in July, 2022, I had another back flair-up and remember having to walk back and forth while everyone else was sitting. We were eating far less carbs and protein than with keto, and more fat. I learned a lot of things that were tripping up my keto success, and what leptin-sensitivity felt like. Very different. Eating breakfast, after skipping it for so long, was counter-intuitive, but my body soon actually wanted it. After a couple low-energy days, I noticed less swelling in my entire body, and my pain lessened. By the third day, my energy shot up and my appetite dropped, shockingly. I kept tightening my belt and cinching my pants up after that. I didn’t bring my CPAP, but toward the end, I had no dry mouth in the morning, which the apnea caused. I stopped using my CPAP, once home, and started to sleep with a depth I forgot was even possible, waking up super-alert in the morning, without coffee, for the first time since my 30’s. I’d lost 12 lbs that first week, without working out. I felt like I came home to a different house. I had no desire for the coffee, or the bars of dark chocolate on my counter, which I’d needed for energy, only days before. Many things in my refrigerator no longer appealed to me. My weight soon rocketed from 178, down past 159, and my waist, from 37″ to 32″, for the first time since my ’30s. Kat had mentioned that the hormone, leptin’s, regulating effects on weight would not stop until weight was optimized, as long as one stayed in what she called “the freedom zone.” I fully understand, now, why she calls it that.

Then there’s my “male function” changes. I’d had BPH (swollen prostate) for five years, which had caused the slowed urination. That also normalized when I got home. I’ve had no constriction since, and have not used Flomax for months now. By September, my libido and male stamina—and weight—were back to my college days, and my foot pain had diminished to where I could painlessly wear normal shoes instead of the flip-flops I wore almost exclusively, for decades. As if that was not amazing enough, I noticed, one day, that I’d sailed, effortlessly (without working out or going hungry) below 159 lbs, after years of sweating, just to reach 165. I started feeling sparks of what it felt like in my 40s and even aspects of my 30s.

But I still expected back flair-ups, when I agreed to help a friend move some couches and rugs. But there were none. Not even the next morning when I was sure I’d be hobbling. Weeks later, I stacked huge amounts of wood, which I paid a huge price for last year. Nothing! I just powered through with much more strength, not even getting tired. Even as a young, martial arts teacher, I was always sore the next day. Not anymore. Today I weigh 150, without trying. My guitar playing is as good or better than in my 30s, as my creative thoughts seem to translate instantaneously into my fingers on the fretboard. My mood stability and clarity are incredible. It all defies logic. Four months in, I still feel younger each week. Like that “Benjamin Button” character. I wouldn’t have believed it if I wasn’t experiencing it.”

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Kat James

Kat James

Kat James is an award-winning nutrition author, leptin pioneer, and syndicated radio host who has been called a master of self-transformation by SELF magazine, as well as the “Jane Goodall of leptin” after she overcame autoimmune, liver, and eating disorders that nearly took her life, then taught countless others her original protocol with countless doctor-verified successes.