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Take this Pre-Meal “Shot” for Better Blood Sugar Control

By Kelley Herring

More than 34 million Americans are currently diagnosed with diabetes – with an additional 88 million who display symptoms of “pre-diabetes.”[i]

Given these numbers, it is no wonder that worldwide spending on diabetes care is currently estimated at nearly $1 Trillion!

A significant portion of these costs goes toward pharmaceutical drugs. Diabetes medications are generally quite ineffective. They do nothing to alleviate the underlying causes of the disease. And they are often quite dangerous, with a long list of side effects.

But what if there was a safe, easy, and inexpensive way to reduce your blood sugar that is as simple as taking a single “shot” of liquid before each meal?

That’s exactly what I have to share with you today! And a recent study found that a simple “pre-meal shot” can make a BIG positive impact on blood sugar levels for people with diabetes… and probably for those who are healthy too!

So, what is this “shot”?


A Low Dose Whey Protein “Shot” to Stabilize Blood Sugar

Researchers working within the Diabetes Research Group at Newcastle University set out to discover how a small amount of whey protein consumed before meals could help Type 2 diabetics control their blood sugar.

The researchers administered 15 grams of whey protein to the participants, 10 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The control group received a placebo, with no nutritional value. The study subjects all wore continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) to track their blood sugar for the duration of the 7-day trial.

The researchers discovered that this small “shot” of whey protein made a big impact on glucose control!

In fact, the subjects who consumed the whey protein experienced an average of two additional hours in euglycemia each day.[ii] This is the scientific term for a state where blood sugar levels are within a healthy range.

So, how does whey protein achieve these benefits?

Dr. Daniel West, who led the research team, states that:

“We believe the whey protein works in two ways, firstly, by slowing down how quickly food passes through the digestive system and secondly, by stimulating a number of important hormones that prevent the blood sugars climbing so high. As we see growing numbers of people around the world developing diabetes, investigating the potential of alternatives to drugs becomes more important.”


How Whey Protein Impacts Insulin and Blood Sugar

Whey has a number of unique biochemical properties that provide positive blood-sugar benefits:

  • Protects Insulin-Secreting Cells from Damage: Whey protein is a great source of L-cysteine. This amino acid is needed to synthesize glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant and detoxifier. Glutathione, in turn, is incredibly important for reducing oxidative stress and the buildup of harmful free radicals, which are implicated in the complications of diabetes, including peripheral neuropathy, retinopathy and kidney damage.[iii]
  • Boosts Insulin & Decreases Blood Sugar: When added to a meal, whey protein has been shown to stimulate insulin secretion and significantly reduce after-meal blood glucose levels. [iv]
  • Reduces Harmful Inflammation: Chronic inflammation is ever-present in cases of diabetes and makes it more difficult to control blood sugar levels.[v] Whey protein has been shown to reduce inflammation, providing direct and indirect blood-sugar benefits.


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Focus on Quality

When it comes to controlling your blood sugar, your first focus should be on the overall quality of your diet and lifestyle.

Base your meals around the ancestral foods known to naturally regulate blood sugar and metabolism, including grass-fed beef, bison, and lamb, pastured poultry and wild fish, native fats, and above-ground veggies.

And for even more blood-sugar balancing power and nutrition, take a 15-gram “shot” of non-denatured, grass-fed whey protein before each meal.


kelley herring

Kelley Herring

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