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Take Advantage of More Time to Exercise and Eat Properly While Crushing Stress

training at home

Scott, I am not able to travel or eat out at restaurants for the foreseeable future. My wife and I want to burn off 20 pounds of body fat during this crisis. We have some dumbbells and a bench, but not much else. What can you recommend for training? We want to be very aggressive with our nutrition approach now that there are fewer distractions. Any ideas? Murph and Karen, Los Angeles, CA

Yes, absolutely! Dr. Serrano and I just recorded new Upper Body Stationary resistance training videos that require zero equipment which everyone can request for free by emailing The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan starts with a three week period of 0-carb intake outside of green vegetables to convert the body into a fat-burning machine. This is much easier to execute while at home and preparing your own food. There are several proven strategies built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan that accelerate fat burning tremendously while boosting daily energy.

Get free copies of the Upper Body Stationary Resistance training videos, the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and Cluster 6 Pause Body Transformation Weight Training Plan by emailing

Cluster 6 Pause Training

For those with some home equipment the Cluster 6 Pause Body Transformation program is an excellent option for action packed thirty minute sessions. The challenging nature of the set executions demonstrated in our videos require the weight loads to be reduced which offers more options for those training at home. Sets lasting over two minutes with tremendous muscle tension boost fat burning hormones and metabolism for 48 hours under the right recovery conditions. Everyone has 30 minutes to train three times per week if they are committed to a goal of better body composition and well-being. It is just a matter of arming yourself with the right strategies and making the choice to be successful on a daily basis while others find endless excuses.

Get out of Excuse Mode

I like your attitude Murph! Take full advantage of more time at home and come out of this crisis looking and feeling great by taking definitive action. Eating out, traveling, busy social schedules, and other obligations which are frozen for a while take up a lot of time while making many bad food choices more readily available. You and Karen are in full control of your nutrition and exercise decisions to be successful during this unprecedented opportunity of freed up time.

Choose a path to success by implementing the right exercise and nutrition strategies for your need instead of making excuses to make bad food choices with idle time.

Watch Out For Stress Eating

A recent visit to the grocery store allowed me to listen in to many conversations shoppers were conducting and I saw many people buy huge amounts of refined foods to keep them well “medicated” during shelter at home requirements in Ohio. Contrary to popular belief the grocery stores and delivery services have been well stocked with quality food sources which have been overlooked by some consumers who will inevitably pack on the body fat during stressful times.

The Perfect Time to Be Aggressive with Body Fat Loss

Take three weeks to utilize the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan so you can Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of body fat. This is the perfect time to work towards your Spring Time body with limited distractions. Eat large amounts of organic dietary fat and protein sources along with green vegetables to drive high energy levels each day. Not having a plan during stressful times will put most people into no man’s land so to speak with over consumption of refined foods.

Eat Organic

Organically raised foods are packed full of nutrients and form the perfect choices especially while eating at home more often for the coming weeks. Get deliveries right to your door to ensure availability of what you need to prepare while avoiding trips to crowded stores. Stocking up on the right food choices and keeping the wrong choices out of your home sets you up for success. Chomp on a T-bone and not doughnuts!

Email for your free copies of the Upper Body Stationary Resistance Training Videos, Cluster 6 Pause Weight Training Program and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan. I can help you implement a comprehensive weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plan to transform your body while improving your quality of life.