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Synergistic Fat Loss Training and Nutrition Strategies for the New Year

burn stored fat


I need to get going with fat loss and want a nutrition and training system that work together to make it happen ASAP. I need confidence in the plan to help me with the motivation I need to actually do it and to get my husband to do his part as well!

~ Rachel, Phoenix, Arizona


Depleting carbohydrate with 50 Caliber Carb Depletion Training while using a low carbohydrate nutrition plan work together synergistically to help the body use more stored fat as fuel. A big holiday season of eating for example builds up glycogen levels which are stored carbohydrate within the muscles that are very easily used during exercise as well as daily activity. Wiping out the stored carbohydrate levels can help force the body to seek out more stored fat as fuel.

Email for free copies of the 50 Caliber Carb Depletion Training and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to get on the fast track to body fat loss. Combining the right training and nutrition strategies form a very powerful fat burning force.

Force The Body To Burn More Stored Fat As Fuel

A nutrition plan high in organic dietary fats, proteins and green vegetables such as the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse will help the body choose to burn stored fat instead of wasting muscle when stored carbohydrate levels are depleted. The low carbohydrate intake for a period of 21 Days for example prevents the body from replenishing muscle glycogen which again can make stored fat a more readily available fuel source.

Flexible fasting, macronutrient cycling, consumption of sustainably raised food sources, the Day 22 Carb Load and avoidance of refined foods all contribute to even faster rates of body fat loss. The better the training and nutrition plan execution with the right strategies, the faster the body can shift to burning more stored fat as fuel.

How to Use Carbohydrate

A low carb approach which features a high intake of green vegetables for dietary fiber is highly effective. However the right sources, combinations and timing of carbohydrate need to be used to prevent a big drop in fat burning hormone levels. Going low carb for too long is one of the most common mistakes we see and leads to failure within the first month of most fat loss efforts. This is one of the many reasons why Dr. Serrano and I developed the Day 22 Carb Load which is a powerful macronutrient cycling strategy to accelerate body fat loss.

50 reps seems like a lot and it is even when using only body weight in certain situations. The long duration of the sets and short rest periods between sets support a hormonal environment that is highly productive for body fat loss in addition to wiping out stored carbs from those Christmas Cookies!

Burn off the carbs from holiday treats stored within muscles combined with a diet full of grass fed beef, healthy dietary fats, and high fiber vegetables to force the body to use more stored fat as fuel. Ditch the carbohydrate based snacks and go for grass fed beef jerky!

50 Caliber Training sessions are short in nature as they involve 5 exercises with one set of each following a warm up during the first week. The total number of sets depends on the recovery capacity and performance capabilities of each individual person. Apply a great effort with one revolution and you will have 250 well executed reps within a 15 minute period which will be more than twice as effective for fat burning compared to a traditional training session that is thirty minutes or longer in my opinion.

Improving the performance each week is very important and can only take place with the proper recovery protocols in place. Gradually improved performance helps to elevate fat burning hormones and metabolism at greater rates than just going through the motions. However many people subconsciously limit their effort levels and must take notice of improved performance opportunities to maximize rates of fat burning.

Improve Each Week

In many cases a client will not be able to complete all 50 reps in a row with proper form and must stop for ten seconds. This is perfectly okay during the first week and should be used as a bench mark to improve the following week. For example if you get 35 band squats in row with great form and have to stop for 10 seconds before getting the next 15 during week 1. For week 2 aim to get 40 or more band squats all in a row with proper form before having to take the 10 second rest.