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Sushi Bake Recipe

wild caught salmon sushi bake

This sushi bake is a great weeknight meal. I guarantee this is a meal you’ll come back to over and over again because it’s so easy!

You can customize the flavors with the sushi (I added some suggestions); I really don’t measure, and it always tastes awesome, but I included measurements for you so you get an idea! Ok here we go!

Sushi Bake

By, Leah Sucharski, Joyfuleatsnbeats | April 2024 Featured Chef

Serves: 4-6

USWM shopping list: Wild-Caught Alaskan King Salmon

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To start:

  • 3 cups cooked rice (brown, white, or jasmine)
  • 1 TBS rice vinegar

Cook your rice (1 cup dry gives me about 3 cups cooked), add the rice vinegar once cooked, and mix.

While the rice cooks, cook your salmon and remove the skin. Once cooked, transfer to a bowl, break into pieces with a fork, and make the sauce:

You will also need 1 package of seaweed snacks and one carrot.


Once your fish mixture is mixed, spray a 13×8 casserole dish with avocado oil and start layering: cooked rice, 1 package of seaweed snacks, 1 large carrot, chopped (about a cup), and then the sushi mixture. Bake at 425 for 10-12 min. Top with avocado, more crumbled seaweed, and/or sesame seeds or Everything but the Bagel seasoning.

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This sushi had a unique twist that left us craving more. As Midwest farmers, we don’t often indulge in exceptional seafood. For sustainably sourced, flash-frozen, wild-caught seafood, choose our 100% wild-caught options. This category has everything to satisfy seafood cravings!


Meet foodie Leah Sucharski, our April 2024 US Wellness Meats Featured Chef! Leah is a mother with a background in music and theater. She loves creating healthy and family-friendly recipes that are easy, approachable, and flexible. Leah encourages you to taste or tweak her recipes as you go, making them your own. You can follow (and sing along with) Leah on her social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and FoodSocial. Let’s take a moment to thank Leah for providing us with healthy recipes that the whole family can enjoy!