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Scott, after a few weeks of any diet I feel like my metabolism stalls and I get very bored with food choices. Progress stops after a few weeks, but I have in the past carried on for a full 8 weeks only to find little progress even though I am eating very little. What do you recommend for quick fat loss, but also to keep progress moving over the long term? ~ Fran

Fran, A High Calorie Day once per week has worked fantastically well to keep fat burning going on overdrive for an extended period of time by peaking metabolism, boosting fat burning enzymes, preventing metabolic staleness and naturally optimizing fat burning hormones. Many people make the mistake of not only eating too little, but also by eating the same things every day by way of macronutrient percentages, meal timing and food choices.

Surge metabolism with the weekly High Calorie Day strategies. Email for a free copy of the High Calorie Day Meal Plan File including complete meal structures.

Increasing Quality Calorie Intake

Eating the same amounts of food seven days per week is a mistake as the body gets bored quickly especially if the food intake has been reduced to support fat burning. The High Calorie Day has a distinct on metabolism so that clients are able to lose body fat at excellent rates for an extended period of time to reach long term goals. Simply adding an additional meal full of high quality food sources can make all of the difference to support great body fat loss success.

Variety is Crucial to Avoid Boredom

The High Calorie Day is the perfect opportunity to change up your food choices to prevent boredom. Most clients choose a weekend day for the High Calorie Day and take advantage of extra time to have a large breakfast with grass fed beef bacon, cage free eggs, grass fed butter, organically raised sausages and vegetables. Using three meals on the High Calorie Day serves as a strategic contrast to the other six days of the week which use 2 meals as part of the flexible fasting protocols built into the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan.

Increasing Dietary Fat intake from organic sources on the High Calorie Day peaks the release of fat burning enzymes which can have a dramatic impact on rates of fat burning for several days.fat burning enzymes

Fat Burning Enzymes attack Stored Fat

Increasing dietary fat intake from organic sources on the High Calorie Day drives up fat burning enzymes needed to break down food. Grass fed steaks, cage free eggs, avocados, extra virgin olive oil from a dark bottle or can and raw nuts for example can all increase fat burning enzymes significantly. On the following days when food intake is decreased fat burning enzymes remain elevated for several days and have nothing to go after except stored fat.

Change up Food Choices to Avoid Food Allergies

Eating the same food sources on a daily basis will cause you to develop food allergies, irritations and intolerances over time. These poor reactions to foods cause massive bloating, low energy, joint pain, difficulty losing body fat and additional problems. The High Calorie Day is the perfect time to gravitate to organic foods with a higher dietary fat intake to fit the agenda.

Altering Flexible Fasting Periods

Six Days per week clients use two meals per day as part of a flexible fasting protocol. Fasting from the time period following dinner until lunch the next day is very easy for most people to implement quickly. Using three meals a day on the High Calorie Day once per week changes up the fasting protocol to serve as a strategic contrast to other six days of the week which is very important for body fat loss.

Email for free copies of the High Calorie Day Meal Plan and 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan Strategies to help you Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just Three weeks. Let’s discuss how I can help you get off to a great start for 2020.

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