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Superbowl High Calorie Day Fires Up Metabolism for Great Rates of Body Fat Loss

superbowl meal, organic food sources

Scott, I have to prepare a huge Superbowl meal for over 20 guests soon and do not know what to do. I do not want to get my own fat loss plan off track with what I prepare, but I also have guests to satisfy or there may be riot in my kitchen. – Susan

Susan, I would use a high calorie day approach for the Superbowl which is sure to have everyone feeling very happy. One of the most common mistakes people make is eating principally the same foods over and over again every day which creates metabolic staleness. Consuming the same ratios of protein, dietary fat and carbohydrate daily also creates difficulty for body fat loss. High calorie days have worked fantastically well for our clients to accelerate fat burning for many years. The right strategies have to be applied which include dietary fat loading from organic sources.

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High Calorie Days Work Best on a Saturday or Sunday

Clients typically pick a weekend day for the High Calorie Day approach which gives them more time to prepare food or go out to eat compared to other days of the week.  Increasing caloric intake from high quality organic food sources one time per week as part of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan is extremely important for body fat loss.  A dietary fat loading approach with organic sources prevents metabolic staleness, increases fat burning enzymes and naturally optimizes fat burning hormones.  The increased intake of dietary fat compared to the other 6 days of the week helps the high calorie day contrast strategically.

Superbowl High Calorie Day Menu

Baked Cage Free Chicken Wings

Grass-fed Beef Steaks, Hot Dogs, and Burgers

Pickles and other vegetables

Guacamole and a 7-layer dip

Grass Fed Cheese and Raw Cashews

Get Satisfied

The feelings of high satisfaction during and after the high calorie day drive greater rates of consistency with fat loss nutrition plans based on over twenty years helping clients earn great results.  There are positive mental and physiological benefits to increase total food intake and meal frequency from the right sources one day per week as we have planned.


Weight training or fat burning intervals performed a couple hours before a high calorie day meal is always a good idea to optimize hormones and metabolism. 

Get Organized, Motivated and Accountable

Our new 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan calendar is very helpful for keeping track of the high calorie day each week and also the Day 22 Carb Load.  You can use the calendar as a motivation and accountability tool by checking off your successes daily.  Print off the calendar and put it in a visible spot that you will see often. 

Go Organic

Sustainably raised food sources have superior ratios of dietary fat in comparison to commercially raised animals.  You can also avoid the antibiotics and hormones within commercially raised animals that end up getting lodged into your fat cells.

Meet The Author

scott mendelson, infinity fitness

Scott Mendelson

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