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Super Healthy Bone Stock!

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For centuries, the benefits of bone stock have been widely known.  The rich, nutrient dense marrow hidden inside the bones is a healthy powerhouse that enriches any diet.  Whether practicing modern medicine or holistic techniques, medical professionals are still recommending bone stock or broth to their patients.

We are very excited to announce that we are adding more stock options to our menu.  In addition to the popular Beef Broth, we now have Chicken Stock available!

What Are the Differences?

To make stock (or broth), we use the marrow bones, an assortment of healthy herbs and vegetables, filtered water and vinegar (apple cide vinegar for beef broth and sherry vinegar for chicken and duck stock).  The bones are roasted and then all ingredients are simmered for 18-24 hours, depending on which variety we are making.

The chicken stock and chicken gelatin have the same ingredients (spring water, chicken bones, onion, carrot celery, parsley, thyme, black malabar peppercorn, bay leaf, sherry vinegar), but the chicken gelatin will be a cloudier, thicker version of the stock.  To make gelatin, we take bones that have been through the stock process, break them open to expose the marrow, and then add filtered water and sherry vinegar and bring everything to a boil.  This slight difference in processing is what makes the gelatin a cloudier, thicker product.  Gelatin can be used interchangeable with stock in any soup or sauce recipe.  Since it is heartier, it can also just be heated up and lightly salted and drank on its own for a wonderfully healthy drink.

How Do You Use Duck Stock?

According to our chef making chicken and duck stock, “any soup or stew base, risotto, rice, sauces for meats, to steam veggies, pretty much in any way that you would chicken or beef stock.  I could really go on and on about how many different recipes can be upgraded just by using duck stock instead of chicken stock.  Duck just has such a wonderful flavor and even if you are not serving duck as the protein the stock can really make a dish ten times better!”

What Is the Best Way to Store?

Storage will be the same for all types of broth/stock/gelatin.  They can be thawed and poured into smaller containers and refrozen.  Once thawed, they will keep in the refrigerator for about three weeks, and we recommend freezing for long term storage.

What Do the Experts Say?

To learn more about the healing effects of bone stock, read what these professionals have to say:

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We welcome any of your questions and comments!  Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.