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Sugar Buzz

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You ate your lunch 30 minutes ago and suddenly you feel sweaty and unwell?  Too much caffeine? Not enough sleep? Stress?

Maybe, but what many people don’t recognize, is the simple hot dog you ate for lunch can be causing you to feel this way, particularly if you are pre-diabetic, or have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes, insulin resistance, and blood sugar instability become more common every year, and controlling blood sugar has never been more of a challenge for many people.

If you are working to eat a less inflammatory diet, you might not realize where sugars can be hiding in your food. Even if you’re eating low carb, with no sweet treats, sugar can be lurking in the most unexpected of places.


Blood Sugar and Meat

The truth is that something as simple as sausage or a burger can contain hidden sugars. Sugar is everywhere, in many different forms, and that includes many commercially raised meats, fish, and poultry items. Sugar has been proven to cause inflammation and metabolic instability in the body which is harmful to your overall health, and inflammation can be deadly. If you’re taking steps to reduce your inflammation, you don’t have to completely change your life or your eating habits. A simple way to avoid added sugars is by eating only 100% grass-fed meat products from US Wellness Meats. Here’s why.

Browse grass-fed meats
Browse grass-fed meats!


Commercially raised meat and Inflammation 

Estrogen and progesterone (hormones) affect your cells’ response to sugar and can lead to insulin resistance. This means that cells in the brain, liver, and muscles need more and more insulin as they become resistant to the sugars.

Additives in commercially raised meats can contain the estrogens and growth hormones that make animals grow faster but those additives can also affect your hormone levels, leading to blood sugar issues. Many commercial meat products, especially flavored varieties, contain added sugar.

In 2011, a study looked at the effects of people’s meat sources on inflammation. Researchers found that subjects who ate grass-fed elk, bison, and beef had lower inflammatory markers than those who ate grain-finished beef. 

Meat quality isn’t just about fat content, the way your meat is raised can negatively impact your health. Scientists learned that cows fed a grass-based diet produce meat with higher antioxidant content and improved fatty acid profiles, with less bad cholesterol elevating fats than those fed a conventional grain-based feed.

By switching to humanely raised 100% grass-fed meats, you can reduce bad fat intake, increase antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and improve your health, while still enjoying your burgers and hot dogs on the summer grill.

For help with stabilizing blood sugar and reducing inflammation, while enjoying delicious, real food, without the sugar buzz, visit US Wellness Meats today- and we’ll help you get started. We offer convenient, cost-saving nutrition sent right to your door- right away.

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Northeast Missouri cattle in rotational grazing.