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Strive for 5 To Peak Metabolic and Hormonal Momentum Each Week

resistance training

Scott, I have more time on my hands than usual due to the stay at home orders. How many times per week should I be exercising to maximize fat burning over the short and longer term? I see this is my best opportunity to lose a lot of body fat while I do not have to travel for work. ~ Maggie, Long Island, NY

Maggie, Five well planned exercise sessions per week can create an elevated rate of fat burning throughout the entire week, especially when the right nutrition approach is used. Our experience over the last 21 years is that three resistance training and two fat burning interval sessions each week is an ideal exercise frequency for a majority of clients aiming to maximize body fat loss. Each of the high-effort sessions are 40 minutes or less, but have a big impact on metabolism and fat burning hormones for up to 48 hours following each workout provided the right recovery parameters in place. String together 5-total sessions each week to create a heightened state of fat-burning throughout the entire week.

resistance training for a free copy of the Rapid Fat Burning Interval File and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan to Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just Three Weeks.

No Excuses

Most people around the world must exercise at home and many do not have home gyms. Dr. Eric Serrano MD and I assembled the Stationary Contraction Home Training system which can be done without any equipment. We included three full days of stationary contraction training videos and a complete routine within the article post to benefit people around the world very varying experience levels. Do not let gym closures, kids at home, binge watching TV shows or anything else become and excuse not to exercise.

Entering a stretch position and pushing very hard against a stable object for 22 seconds turns out to be very challenging especially when done multiple times during a training session according to clients around the world over the last month. Short rest periods between sets as designated by the free three day training routine helps to boost fat burning hormones through the roof.

Before you know it summer will arrive. What are you doing now to improve your conditions while more time is on your hands without travel, work, carpools and other activities?

Pandemic Bad Food Choices?

The best way to stop yourself from eating out of boredom and making bad food choices is to set goals. In regards to body composition people are either getting worse or better, there is no middle ground. People around the world are binging on bad food choices out of boredom, stress and other frustrations leading to massive accumulations of body fat which can also increase Covid 19 risk factors. Step 1 is to get all of the bad food choices out of the house. If it is not there, it cannot be eaten. Get family members on board with organic eating to make everyone’s life much easier.

Get on the Fast Track

The 21-Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan is highly advanced yet very simple to execute. The proven system can be used for the short or long term to drive great rates of body fat loss. Eat large portions of grass fed steaks, green vegetables soaked in grass fed butter, wild caught seafood, raw nuts, wild caught fish and so much more.

No Better Time Than Now

This is the perfect time to eliminate all carbohydrate with the exception of green vegetables for three weeks to burn the body into a fat burning machine. No travel, eating out, social events or other distractions will get in your way. Flexible fasting protocols built into the plan help clients to avoid snacking even when a constant food supply is available working at home.

resistance training

Changing the body position as demonstrated in our videos can make this simple exercise very challenging for the back, core and grip musculature all from your own home.

Fat Burning Interval Venues

Running on a flat surface, running hills, a jump rope and bicycles are easy venues to use at home for fat burning intervals. The keys to success are high levels of effort while minimizing pounding on the joints for multiple repeated efforts. The intensity approach should be gradual in nature and the sessions can be very compact while being highly beneficial.

Email for your free copies of the Rapid Fat Burning Interval Sprint Program and the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition System. I can help you implement a comprehensive weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plan to transform your body while improving your quality of life.

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