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Strike The Fat Burning Jackpot

fat burning strategies, beach exercise, pushups
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Scott, are the first couple of weeks of a fat loss effort crucially important or is it more of a long game issue of consistency to make lasting fat loss change? I was not successful with body fat loss this summer and cannot figure out why. ~ Cheryl

Teaching the body to burn more stored fat as fuel during the first three weeks of a fat loss effort is of critical importance as it builds the foundation for success moving forward. Having the right nutrition and exercise plan in place will not only accelerate progress, but also allow for more body fat loss over longer periods of time as the body becomes more efficient with fat burning. The right strategies will help you strike the fat burning jackpot for continued success over the long term.

beach quick start meal, fat burning strategies

Quick Start Fat Burning Nutrition Strategies. Email for free copies of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan example meal plans to Outsmart up to 10 Pounds of Body Fat in Just three weeks.

Keys to Fat Burning Success

  • Flexible Fasting
  • Low Carb Intake
  • Dietary Fat Loading with Organic Choices
  • Weight training three times per week and Fat Burning Intervals twice per week
  • Proper Rest/Accelerated Recovery 

Flexible fasting combined with a low carb intake, proper rest, dietary fat loading from organic sources and regular exercise can create excellent fat burning conditions over the short and long term. Depleting stored carbohydrate within the muscles know as glycogen will force the body to seek out other fuel sources, namely stored body fat when the right nutrition strategies are in place.

beach workout, team pushups, fat burning strategies

3-weight training and 2-fat burning interval sessions each week create excellent fat burning conditions and help to wipe out stored carbohydrate within the muscles known as glycogen so the body must set out to burn stored fat as an energy source.

Dietary Fat Loading with organic sources as grass fed T-bones, ribeye’s and filets satisfy energy needs especially as the body aims to transition to using more stored fat as fuel. Organic dietary fats are actually more energy dense than carbohydrate in many ways. The right combinations of grass fed beef, additional organic dietary fats and green vegetables form an ideal fat burning meal combination as they are easily digested and can help to naturally optimize insulin sensitivity.

Building Metabolic and Hormonal Momentum

The same strategies that teach the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel improve multiple fat burning hormone and metabolic markers over time. Building fat burning momentum takes time which is why many people using the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan followed by the Day 22 Carb Load will experience their best success during the third or fourth cycle of the program.

Email if you want to maximize rates of fat burning with Dietary Fat Loading Strategies built into the High Calorie Day Fat Loss System files. What factors have limited your success this summer so far? Email Scott to discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week.

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