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Stop Holiday Season Body Fat Accumulation

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Scott, I have some holiday parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day to contend with, and my gym is not even open. I do not want to add body fat like last year and neither does my husband, but we will be having some holiday meals. What do you suggest? ~ Holly

I would put the Prevent Holiday Body Fat Accumulation Nutrition Strategies into place while increasing your activity. Dr. Serrano and I have developed a training protocol that can be done at home without any equipment which eliminates any excuses related to gyms being closed. You do not want to end up piling on 10, 20 or even more pounds of body fat this holiday season. Elevated stress levels due to the unpreceded pain in the rear-end, the virus has become, will make these the most fattening holiday seasons on record.

Keep Billions of Fat Cells Clean and Pristine

Avoid foods fried in corn oil, canola oil, soy bean oil, high fructose corn syrup, margarine and preservatives as all of these ingredients negatively impact fat cells tremendously. It is ok to have more sugar than usual and even some pie crust as long as you stay very active during the holiday season. The wrong ingredients screw up fat cell function making future body fat loss very difficult.

Training at Home without Equipment

The Stationary Contraction Training can be performed a few times per week with no equipment in the comfort of your own home. The videos Dr. Eric Serrano MD assembled do a great job of demonstrating and explain exercises that use stable objects such as the door frame to expand your resistance exercise opportunities.

home gym

Creative Loading Tools

A couple medicine balls, jugs full of water, high tension resistance bands and limited weights will expand your choices tremendously. Check out the Outdoor Band Transformation Training videos and routine which can be done just about anywhere. Many public parks or a playground provide perfect anchoring for high tension band movements even in cold weather.

Exercise Frequency to Thrive During the Holidays

3 resistance training and 2 Fat-Burning Interval sessions followed by Afterburners are ideal each week during the entire month of December and into January. These sessions not only burn calories and excess carbohydrate, but also have a positive impact on the brain which limits cravings as well as hunger.

Eat Organic This Holiday Season

Stock up on Free Range Turkeys, Grass Fed T bones, Ribeye, Filets and more so you have the best food choices available to prep during a busy holiday season. The dietary fat content of organic protein sources is what nature intended and very satisfying during the most tempting time of year.

Email for your free copies of Rapid Fat Burning Interval and Afterburner Special Reports to help you stay lean this Holiday Season. There is no better time than right now to implement effective strategies to drive your success before the end of 2021. Let’s discuss solutions to your problems 7 days per week.

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