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State-of-the-Art Leptin Re-sensitizing Regimen

Hawaii Total Transformation

You Are Invited To Attend

MARCH. 1-6 and MARCH 6-11, 2019

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Transform your body, your sleep, your mood, your relationship with food, and much more, as you luxuriate in a rare terrarium-like tropical setting high in the tree tops (no climing needed!). for a Total Transformation® with Kat James, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Master the priceless, life-long, tool-kit of biochemical self-correction (by “feel” not by number) that is unique only to Total Transformation®.

Throw in some bucket list Oahu experiences (perhaps a swim with the turtles or dolphins or float in a tidal pool at sunset or opt for a “dangling feet” helicopter ride) and return home visibly (and in most other ways) changed and empowered. Start your transformation either on March 1st or March. 6th (or attend the full 10 days. Return home with a rare new peace and the feeling you’ve taken off a ball and chain, and new comfort in your own skin (figuratively and literally). Start the first phase of your transformation the day you book, with Kat’s Jumpstart Module, which we’ll send you the day you register.

Kat James
Join Kat James in Hawaii!

Expect To Be Transformed

Total Transformation® will teach you to master a little-known hormonal mechanism which powerfully reprograms appetite as well as neurochemistry, metabolic and inflammatory response, sleep, rate of tissue repair (including skin, joint, and digestive), immune response, thyroid and sex hormone balance, via recovered functioning of the hormone leptin. “In my international research and education to the scientific and medical communities I have not encountered a retreat and culinary experience that so consistently produces the biochemical affects on leptin and mTOR as Kat James’ Total Transformation does,” stated Dr. Ron Rosedale, a world authority on leptin and metabolic health. Most incredibly, this individualized regimen ends the need for willpower or portion control—even if decades of dieting have failed to do so. No claims are made, however countless transformations in diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Candida vasculitis, food sensitivities, adrenal fatigue, sleep, skin, depression, anxiety, ADHD, epilepsy, eating disorders of every kind, and more have been doctor-verified, resulting in magazines, clinics, and institutions across the U.S. and beyond featuring or hosting Total Transformation® since 2000. 

Kat James’ Method is designed for those who are ready to move on from the “suffering and willpower” paradigms and experience a quantum leap in benefit beyond what other approaches such as fasts, raw, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, and even ketogenic diets have afforded them, featuring:

  • An acclaimed, life-changing experience with a rare track record of dramatically transforming the bodies, minds, and lives of its participants, and even their families
  • Kat James’ renowned body- and health-transforming”decadent” cuisine
  • A crash intensive course in kitchen mastery of Kat James’ life-changing food regimen: Even if you thought you weren’t the cooking type, you’ll suddenly be able to “throw together” sumptuous meals, tasty desserts, “impossible” bread, pasta, and baked good upgrades (far beyond just gluten-free) elixirs and therapeutic, exotic beverages that will wow your family while transforming your shape, neurological, metabolic, hormonal, dermatological, and even inner ecological health—usually dramatically
  • Highest-end nutritional and personal care experiences and options to expand your knowledge and give you sanctuary from toxic exposures
  • An educational journey with Kat James to troubleshoot areas of self-sabotage, strategize logistics and resources, and solidify your own transformation game-plan
  • An optional Oscar-caliber makeover and photo shoot by Kat James (a former top celebrity makeup expert) will be available for an additional $375
  • An inspiring, non-judgmental environment afforded by a diverse group of people with a common goal. You’ll have just as much of a blast by yourself as you will if you bring a companion
  • An enchanted location to inspire your experience

**All attendees will be required to sign a health release, as well as a non-disclosure/non-compete agreement with regard to the proprietary aspects of Kat James’ Total Transformation®

All-Inclusive Package and Travel Details: 

Kat James’ Total Transformation® Program, including pre- and post-Program TeleProgram modules (two in total, including a live follow-up coaching with Kat); plus all, sumptuous, Program-specific meals, on-premises lodging (dbl occupancy, book early for best room, limited single rooms occasionally available for a 50% surcharge. Includes all transport from and to Honolulu (HNL) airport to the “Treehouse” on Program start and end dates: March 1 and March 6th pickups will be at approximately at 3 PM and on end dates March. 6th and March. 11th drop-off at airport will be approximately 11 AM (we suggest arriving an hour before the pickup and booking return home flights no earlier than 1:30 PM).

Pricing, Payment, and New Years’ and Companion Discounts
Tuition for helpers is $2,950.00; non-helpers: $3,450.00 (double occupancy; non-refundable). Alumni and companion discounts may apply. Bringing a companion? Take $200 off per person, or $500 if you reserve for the full ten days.

Can’t Get Away?

Be Sure to Look Into Kat’s 8-Week, Full-Curriculum Total Transformation® Teleprograms.If timing or finances do not allow, you might consider “attending” a full-curriculum Total Transformation® Basic Jumpstart or Mastery TeleProgram from your favorite chair at home is your answer. You can even miss sessions and listen to recordings of them from your home. What an ideal format the Electrograph turned out to be for those who could not afford the time or expense to get away for the full destination Program experience. In all survey responses, the pacing was said to be pretty much perfect. For more information, please click here

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