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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Pantry

spring cleaning, clear counters, ashley martens, cleaning tips

The spring season brings with it everyone’s favorite (or least favorite) – spring cleaning. Besides spring cleaning your body through food, you can also take the early months of spring to deep clean your home. An often overlooked area of the home is the kitchen, so this year, make a plan to spring clean the kitchen cabinets and pantry. Here are five kitchen organization tips for spring cleaning or any time of year!

#1 Clear Countertops

Kitchen countertops can sometimes get cluttered with larger items like blenders, coffee makers, mixers and toasters. Instead of stashing these larger kitchen appliances in kitchen cabinets, which is prime real estate for healthy snacks, invest in wire racks for extra kitchen storage. Neatly display cook books and recipe guides by installing one or two shelves. You can even add a few small hooks inside cabinet doors to hang smaller kitchen tools like ladles, measuring spoons and potholders.

dry goods, mason jars, spring cleaning#2 Make the Most of Mason Jars

Many times we keep bulky and unnecessary product packaging, which can create cramped cabinets. Instead, make the most of mason jars by using them as storage for dry goods. It’s easy.

First, explore the kitchen cabinets and pantry then remove any and all dry items like breakfast bars, crackers, cookies, grains, nuts and seeds from their original packaging. Be sure to recycle the boxes to help create a more sustainable kitchen.

Then, fill the glass jars with these foods and display them in an organized fashion on kitchen countertops or in the kitchen cabinets. These glass jars will help you see the beauty and simplicity of your family’s food. Plus, it’s a good way to gauge when you are running low on certain kitchen favorites so you can easily restock your inventory.

#3 Strategize Popular Items

Take into account what cooking items you use most often. Think of things like certain ingredients, oils, spices and snacks, then place them all in a designated spot that is easily accessible to everyone. Small shifts can make a huge difference when baking and cooking, which can make your culinary experience a lot more enjoyable.

#4 Store Specifically

When buying items in bulk, consider storing these items in one large cabinet or on a designated pantry shelf reserved specifically for bulk items. Bulk spices, canisters of coffee, pounds of popcorn kernels and large jars of cooking oils or vinegars may not fit conveniently on kitchen shelves, but they have plenty of storage space in their own cupboard or on their own shelf.

pasta storage, cleaning tips, reusable bags, pantry

#5 Toss in a Tote

Use small baskets or reusable grocery bags to store excess pantry staples like canned coffee beans, extra condiments, grain-free flours and legumes. To keep items organized, group similar kitchen items together. You can even create categories like baking, to keep the entire kitchen streamlined.

Show your kitchen some extra love this spring or any time or year with these simple, yet effective kitchen organization tips to help keep your kitchen organized all year long.




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