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Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Bill Ruark bbqwithbill chicken

BBQ with Bill! Our May 2022 Featured Chef, Bill Evans, shares his Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu recipe. 

“A smoked twist on a fancy favorite – this recipe adds a good smokey flavor to a decadent dish.”

Slice pasture-raised chicken breasts and stuff with grass-fed Swiss cheese and sliced deli ham, season with a BBQ rub, and cook on the pellet smoker until cooked through and cheese is oozing! 

Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu!

Recipe & Photos by Bill Evans | @bbqwithbill

USWM Shopping List: US Wellness Meats Chicken Breast and Grass-fed Swiss Cheese

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 1 hour



  1. Turn on your pellet smoker at a temperature of 300°F and a smoke setting of 8.
  2. Slice the chicken breast to create a small pocket.
  3. Place a slice of ham and cheese inside.
  4. Use toothpicks to hold the chicken breast closed.
  5. Coat the meat in olive oil by pouring it over the meat and then rubbing it for full coverage – this gives the seasoning something to stick to.
  6. Generously coat the chicken in Lane’s House Divided 4.
  7. Smoke until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 165°F degrees.


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Bill Evans

I’m a home chef in my free time and started BBQwithBill on Instagram about a year ago to share cooking tips and recipes. I live in Arizona which has great grilling weather year-round. I live with my wife, stepson, and mother-in-law who drive a lot of my recipe experiments.