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Slashing Body Fat and Improving Energy By Defeating Food Allergies

food allergy

Scott, I feel sluggish and bloated after meals that include very healthy foods.  I feel even worse when I eat refined foods.  The more problems I have with energy following meals, the harder it is for me to lose body fat.  What is going on? ~ Wendy



Food allergies are a top reason behind your problems and one of the most common culprits that destroy fat loss progress.  Dr. Eric Serrano MD discusses solutions for food allergies so that his patients are able to improve body composition and quality of life quickly.  Common signs include difficulty losing body fat, sluggishness, bloating, water retention, irritability, trouble breathing, skin rashes and more.


food allergies


Fighting food allergies will always make you feel like you are stuck under water.  Rotate the most common foods out of your diet to kick start fat burning and increased energy with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan which you can get absolutely free by emailing

 Metabolic Distractions

Food allergies, irritations and intolerances create a huge metabolic mess which ends up sucking up valuable resources for ongoing digestion instead of burning fat and driving high energy levels.  As a result we highly suggest rotating the most common food sources out of the diet when starting the highly effective 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse and Day 22 Carb Load cycles to maximize rates of body fat loss.   The quick losses of body fat and rapidly improved energy help to drive clients towards the excellent execution needed for short and long term fat loss success.

You can respond poorly to dozens of foods

Every individual person inherently may not respond well to certain foods.  In some cases anaphylactic shock can take place which is a very serious matter.  These types of allergies can be detected by skin and other tests.  However other types of allergies must be detected by blood tests like the one posted within our new article which scores foods accordingly based on just how much trouble they can create.


food allergies


Which ingredients may cause a problem for each individual person is hard to know.  We ask clients to keep a food journal recording foods and how you feel following each meal can give a strong indication what foods should be eliminated for a period of time to accelerate body fat loss while improving quality of life.

Too Much of A Good Thing

Eating the same food choices very often creates food allergies, irritations and intolerance over time which can become very severe.  Sustainably raised chicken and cage free eggs are great food choices, however consuming them too often may lead to the development of a food allergy.  Change things up by trying grass-fed beef bacon, duck eggs, new cuts of grass fed beef, bison, lamb, pork loin, wild caught seafood and more to spice up the diet.  Giving the body a break from commonly consumed food sources can have dramatic benefits.

Journal Your Food Intake

Keeping a journal of what foods are consumed for a couple weeks and reactions following meals can provide critical information.  For example very low energy and stomach upset following a meal are a clear sign that one or more ingredients created a poor reaction which must be resolved long before the body can get back to transformation efforts.

Food Allergy Blood Tests

A blood food allergy test will be the most comprehensive solution, but they do require a prescription.  Most clients see dramatic improvements in rates of body fat loss and daily energy increases with simple food rotation strategies.

Get a free copy of the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan and the Fighting Food Allergies Special Report by emailing  We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week to get fall off to a great start.


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