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Shut Off Fat Storage Receptors to Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

stubborn body fat

Scott, we are losing some weight, but it seems our stubborn body fat is actually going up as my fiancé and I are both stressed preparing for our August wedding.  My thighs are a trouble area and my fiancé has major problems with his belly even though other areas are looking better.  Please help.  ~ Karen and Joe.



Yes, fat storage receptors are plentiful in the lower body for women and the mid-section for men.  Elevated stress levels turn on these receptors and yes you can actually increase stubborn body fat levels as overall body weight goes down which is maddening.  Under stressful conditions you must change your exercise, nutrition and recovery strategies to deal with these conditions.  Check out the Fat Cell Cleansing protocol which discusses approaches Dr. Serrano and I have used successfully with many clients in your situation.


stubborn body fat


Eliminating Stubborn Body Fat

The Stubborn Fat Slashing Special Report Contains Proven Strategies to address the hormonal, genetic and metabolic causes of stubborn body fat accumulation from Dr. Eric Serrano MD.  Email for your free copy.

Execute the following strategies to get rid of stubborn body fat under stressful conditions.

  • Use Macronutrient cycling strategies at least twice per week
  • Keep exercise sessions under 45 minutes
  • Use Fat Burning Intervals instead of steady state cardio
  • Take a low carbohydrate, high dietary fiber approach
  • Increase the consumption of sustainably raised dietary fats
  • Have confidence in your plan to fuel consistent execution


We can use your wedding date about 8 weeks from now as a positive by creating a sense of urgency. Having confidence in your training, nutrition and recovery plan is absolutely crucial and a huge stress reliever.  Based on other details during our phone call such as getting up the morning and dreading the scale and debating on what to eat for the day is adding to your stress load.  You should wake up every morning feeling like each day is an opportunity to get closer to your short and long term goals.


stubborn body fat


You can get your body ready for a special event in a short period of time with the right nutrition, exercise and recovery strategies in place. Fuel yourself with healthy dietary fat and protein sources for an excellent quality of life.

Increased Stress Makes You More Sensitive to Carbohydrate Intake

People with a high stress level are more sensitive to carbohydrates than under normal circumstances.  This is a tough break especially considering high stress creates more carbohydrate cravings!  However using the correct nutrition strategies can curb the cravings significantly.  Stress negatively impacts insulin sensitivity which means the body can over secrete insulin during your meals especially when there is a significant amount of carbohydrates consumed.  Insulin is the most potent fat storage hormone and while we do not want to eliminate it, insulin must be kept in check for you both to lose stubborn body fat.

Vary Your Food Intake Strategically

High stress levels can make metabolic and hormonal conditions support rapid body fat storage.  We have found macronutrient cycling protocols twice per week are very important for people wanting to get rid of stubborn body fat.  Eating the same foods in similar amounts each day can cause progress plateaus very quickly especially for people with elevated stress.  We rely on dietary fat loading and carbohydrate loading meals a couple times per week to send very powerful fat burning signals to the brain.

Take in Sustainably Raised Protein and Dietary Fat Sources

Give your bodies the chance to take in all of the good dietary fats within sustainably raised protein and dietary fat sources on a daily basis.  Try new cuts of grass fed steak such as Ribeyes, T bones, Skirt Steaks and enjoy meals while supporting your goals.  The body simply runs better on sustainably raised raw materials which means more resources can be spent on burning fat and supporting high energy levels.  Keep in mind you have billions of fat cells and their collective size is effected by your food choices on a daily basis.

Quality over Quantity Exercise Sessions

Our clients do very well under stressful conditions with three weight training sessions that are 45 minutes or less each week.  Under stressful conditions the body can increase stress hormones exponentially during long exercise sessions.  Training sessions longer than 45 minutes and especially those over an hour can increase fat storage hormones exponentially.  Adding two fat burning interval workouts twice per week that are thirty minutes or less are very helpful for fat burning and improving energy levels when the right recovery conditions are in place.

Get a free copy of the Stubborn Body Fat Slashing Special Report by emailing Discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week directly with Scott Mendelson.


Author: Scott Mendelson

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