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Sacred Cow Project

sacred cow

Our friends Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf have produced a fantastic new film, Sacred Cow: The Case For Better Meat along with a companion book. For years there has been a persistent debate over the future of the food system. 

Diana and Robb delve into the questions and concerns involved in this topic. 

  • Should we eat meat?
  • Is there a ‘best’ diet for humans?
  • Can meat be part of a sustainable food system?

These are just a few of the questions they discuss in the film and book.

probiotics, pasture scene with nutrients

Recent Appearances

Sacred Cow book sales have been soaring and they have gotten some attention from various media including top podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. See below for a brief clip. Please note, there is some ‘adult’ language in the episode. The interview touches on many of the recent themes in food and agriculture and what the future holds. You can watch the entire episode HERE.

Family Farms vs Fake Food

Today, there are competing interests between natural food and factory or lab produced processed food-like substances. When big business gets involved, the health and welfare of the consumer can unfortunately become just another statistic. Already, there are big money players who are promoting ultra-processed fake foods and will be trying to convince the masses that it’s the next big thing to solve the world’s problems.

Processed foods have unfortunately become a mainstay in the American diet and numerous studies indicate they are contributing to the current obesity epidemic, skyrocketing heart and autoimmune disease, and numerous other illnesses. Why would it help to add even more processed fake food to the standard diet? US Wellness will respectfully disagree with factory food and continue to promote healthy, all-natural foods. We will continue to raise nutrient dense, real food that is 100% all-natural without the use of laboratories, factories, chemical additives, stabilizers, colorings, antibiotics, GMOs, or pesticides. Our farmers will continue to use holistic methods that work with nature, not against nature.

Support The Better Meat Effort

Please take this opportunity to help support these efforts. Read more about the film and donate to the cause. A portion of film proceeds will go to support real food nutrition, animal welfare and education about regenerative farming techniques.

“This is our opportunity to acknowledge the power of regenerative agriculture to heal ourselves and our soil from the industrial food system.”


Real Food Nutrition, Author & Sustainability Advocate