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S.O.S Dish (Sh*t On A Shingle) Recipe

s.o.s dish, sh*t on a shingle, recipe, featured chef
Recipe And Photo By Tim Ganley | Spartan Mind Strength

Our Featured Chef program always introduces us to new and innovative recipes. Some of these recipes are entirely new dishes and some are fun twists on classics. September 2020 Featured Chef Tim Ganley has an exciting classic to share with us on the blog today. It is none other than the S.O.S Dish (Sh*t On A Shingle). Follow along with Tim’s recipe below to try it for yourself. 

This is one of our most popular dishes, among friends and even strangers. A classic American military dish taught to me by my Dad. He used to eat it while in the Marine Corps during WWII. This dish, along with Spam, kept many soldiers alive.

He would make a form of it for me on the mornings that we were both home. Since then, I have modified the ingredients accordingly to make it even healthier.”

s.o.s dish, sh*t on a shingle, recipe, featured chef
Recipe And Photo By Tim Ganley | Spartan Mind Strength

S.O.S Dish (Sh*t On A Shingle)

Recipe By: Tim Ganley | Spartan Mind Strength

Servings: 2- 4

USWM Shopping List: Sugar-Free Pork Breakfast Sausage, Ground Beef, Pork Lard


  • 1/2 lb of sugar-free pork breakfast sausage (USWM)
  • 1/2 LB OF 55/45 ground beef (USWM)
  • A can of southern style Bush beans (made with lard)
  • 2 large spoonfuls of Galbani ricotta whole milk cheese
  • 1/4 cup Organic Valley heavy whipping cream
  • Four pasture raised eggs
  • Himalayan salt to taste
  • Freshly ground organic black pepper to taste
  • Fresh baked sourdough bread or biscuits
  • Pork lard from USWM


  1. Combine the two sets of meat into a cast iron skillet over low to medium heat.
  2. After the meat has browned, drain the excess fat and save it in a glass container for another meal.
  3. Add the ricotta cheese and southern style beans into the skillet. Do not drain these beans! You want the flavors of the broth.
  4. Cook for approximately three minutes on low heat, stirring the cheese thoroughly into the meat.
  5. Add the heavy whipping cream into the skillet and cook for another two minutes on low heat.
  6. While the above is simmering : Toast the sourdough bread or biscuits and place on the plates. Cook four eggs over easy in lard, in a different skillet.
  7. Once the eggs are done, spoon the meat and its gravy onto the toast / biscuit and then place two eggs on top
  8. Add salt and black pepper to taste.
  9. Enjoy!

The Ayurvedic Point of View

“As you can tell the above dish is full of good fat and protein. The good fat and protein nourish our Vata bio-energy, which is the quickest to go out of balance. In fact, the Vata bio-energy being out of balance is the reason most people crave comfort food.

We like to keep our Vata happy through foods that have the oily, heavy, soft, smooth and static qualities and the sweet, salty, and pungent tastes, just like this dish does.

Depending on season and activities, you can adjust the heating or cooling qualities by adjusting the ratio of the pork sausage, heavy cream and ricotta cheese. Also, if you are looking for more of the astringent taste, you can add more beans.

Ayurveda says that food is information that we give our gut brain about the condition of our environment. It’s important that it’s comforting! :)”

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Tim Ganley

Tim Ganley, a former law enforcement officer and SWAT Leader/Trainer, is a lifestyle entrepreneur, outdoor adventurer, author and global teacher of Meditation, Breathwork, Spartan Fitness™, Power Yin™, and Conscious Business. He loves experimenting with disciplines that lead to physical and mental strength and endurance. Where there is Tim, there is also Vie. These two are quite the dynamic duo. You can learn more about Tim and Vie on Spartan Mind StrengthThe Paleo Ayurveda & Spartan Yoga Podcast, or their YouTube channel AskTimAndVie