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Roquefort Sirloin Steak Recipe

steak with blue cheese

Roquefort Cheese is one of the world’s most well-known blue cheeses. This particular bleu is made from sheep’s milk that originates from Southern France and contains the mold spores of local soils. Other well-known blue cheeses are Gorgonzola and Stilton. If you haven’t grilled a grass-fed steak with blue cheese, you really need to try this flavor combination. It can be difficult here in the states to find Roquefort cheese, so experiment with other varieties of blue cheese to find the one you love.

This French inspired recipe comes to us from Tania Teschke’s latest book, “The Bordeaux Kitchen”. Tania is a past USWM Featured Chef and has studied under French chefs, home cooks, an award winning Basque butcher, and holds a degree in Wine Science from the University of Bordeaux.

Recipe Author: Tania Teschke from “The Bordeaux Kitchen”

USWM Shopping List: Beef Tallow, Grass-fed Butter or Ghee, Grass-fed Sirloin or NY Strip Steak


steak with blue cheese




Optional: 1 Tbsp parsley, minced, for garnish


The Bordeaux Kitchen


  1. Melt the tallow and the butter over high heat in a flat cast-iron pan or plancha pan.
  2. Salt and pepper the steaks.
  3. Sear the steaks for several minutes on each side, using a spoon to baste them with juices.
  4. Remove from heat and sprinkle with the crumbled Roquefort and chives.
  5. Garnish with optional parsley. Serve with white or sweet potato fries and sauteed or roasted vegetables.

Wine Pairing Tip:

“In the presence of a strongly flavorful Roquefort, you can pair this dish with a sweet desert wine from the Southwest (Barsac, Loupiac, Monbazillac, or Sauternes), or else try a more traditional regional pairing with a Languedoc-Roussillon red, as Roquefort cheese is made in this region.” ~ The Bordeaux Kitchen


Tania Teschke, The Bordeaux KitchenMeet The Chef:

Tania Teschke is a writer, photographer, and world traveler who specializes in food and wine and currently lives with her family in Bern, Switzlerland. Previously, she lived in Bordeaux, France, where she studied French cooking, butchery with an award-winning French butcher, and she earned a diploma in wine tasting from the University of Bordeaux. Having faced numerous health issues over more than two decades, Tania is passionate about healing herself, feeding her family nutritious meals and sharing what she has learned with others. Her book of ancestral French recipes, published by Primal Blueprint, called The Bordeaux Kitchen, releases June 15, 2018. Find more of Tania’s recipes and adventures at:  Food Blog  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Photography Blog