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Rapid Fat Burning Intervals with Low Joint Impact for Excellent Rates of Fat Loss

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Scott, we have read about your fat burning interval programs, but I am concerned about injury. I cannot run due to knee problems and my husband has a bad hip. I am not in sprinting shape so will I earn fat loss benefits if I am not particular fast on a bike? Rachel and Tom

You do not need to be a world class sprinter to gain great results from Fat Burning Interval programs. The high levels of effort alternating with active rest periods, repeated several times, form the keys to rapid fat loss success. On a stationary bike for example, pedaling as hard as you can for ten seconds followed by a thirty second pedaling jog pace will be easy on the joints. You can repeat that sequence ten to fifteen times for a great fat burning interval session. Over time your performance will improve which leads to even greater releases of fat burning hormones.

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Quick Sessions Ignite Metabolism

Yes, the above fat burning interval sequence may only be 7 minutes in length. However, a tremendous number of calories can be burned during that short space of time due to the strategies used. Warming up first with a ten minute jog pace on the bike is a great way to prepare for the intervals. Over time the length of the sessions can increase, but only if the correct recovery conditions are in place to avoid over training.

Nutrition Conditions to Enable Greater Rates of Fat Burning

Your nutrition plan impacts how effectively a fat burning interval session can access stored fat as fuel. A nutrition plan high in organically raised proteins and dietary fats while very low in carbohydrates can deplete glycogen quickly. Depleting muscle glycogen which is stored carbohydrate will force the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel. Fat Burning Intervals wipe out glycogen levels quickly and create other ideal metabolic conditions for After Burners to torch even more body fat.

After Burners Scorch More Body Fat

A 15 minute cool down session following the intervals can have a great impact on rates of body fat loss. We implement After Burners with clients to take advantage of the metabolic and hormonal conditions created by the intervals. Stick with the same venue for the intervals that day or take a walk outside to enjoy the outdoors. Over 21 years of experience helping clients earn a low level of body fat with Fat Burning intervals followed by After Burners build client confidence tremendously.

Change Up The Venues

Choose venues that do not stress your joints. A treadmill is one of the worst options due to joint pounding and the dangers of tripping on the moving belt. Relatively low impact venues to consider include a stationary bike, recumbent bike, stair climber, elliptical, supervised swimming, versa climber, battle ropes, rowing machines and more. Rotating venues frequently keeps things fresh and reduces the risk of overuse injuries.

Email for your free copy of the Rapid Fat Burning Interval Program designed to peak rates of fat burning for up to 48 hours following each session. I can help you implement a comprehensive weight training, fat burning interval and nutrition plan to transform your body while improving your quality of life.

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