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Rapid Fat Burning Intervals Outdoors

rapid fat loss

Scott, I need to lose body fat quickly. The steady pace cardio is not producing any results. My wife and I can now get outside to exercise with relaxation of restrictions. Any nutrition suggestions for maximum fat loss. ~ Jerry, Aspen CO

Jerry, yes Rapid fat burning intervals at least twice per week in addition to three weight training sessions each week is ideal for rapid fat loss. Alternating short periods of high and low intensity is very effective for fat burning. The sessions can be short, but the level of intensity must be very high.

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Imagine sprinting from the bottom to the top of this ski trail and jogging on the way down. Repeating that process 10 times would be excellent for fat burning and only appropriate for a world-class athlete due to the level of difficulty.

The Gradual Approach

The average person can take a gradual approach with intensity as well as volume while still earning excellent rates of body fat loss as long as the correct recovery parameters are in place.

Modes of Exercise

I help clients of all levels implement fat burning intervals on a daily basis. Running works well for a select few. Stationary bikes, assault bikes, recumbent bikes, stair climbers and more can be used very effectively. Identifying a mode of exercise that does not cause joint pain is crucial.

rapid fat loss

Alternating modes of exercise such as this tank pushing and pulling device helps clients earn faster rates of body fat loss.

The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan has helped thousands people all over the world outsmart up to 10 pounds of fat in just three weeks. The system developed by Dr. Eric Serrano MD and myself is highly advanced yet very simple to execute. Focus on large portions of organically raised foods including grass fed steaks such as T bones (my personal favorite).

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