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Rapid Fat Burning Intervals Done Anywhere

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Scott, we need to lose body fat quickly. We enjoy the great outdoors so what do you suggest for cardio activities outside in this crazy world? My wife and I are both having difficulty with stubborn body fat that has accumulated over time. The steady cardio stuff just does not seem to be working as well as in the past. ~ Barry and Jean, Denver

Fat Burning Intervals followed by Afterburners are the way to go to maximize rates of body fat loss. The fat burning interval sessions are relatively short, but require a great deal of effort using venues that are easy on your joints. A twenty minute sprint session followed by an Afterburner session can prime fat burning metabolism and hormones for up to 48 hours following each session when the right recovery tools are in place.

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Rapid Fat Burning

A ten second sprint followed by a thirty second jog pace is considered an interval sprint. Repeating this sequence for ten to twenty minutes with a high level of intensity during the sprint phases is very potent for fat burning. The only catch? It requires a great deal of effort which presents no problems for those wanting to earn great physique transformations. Clients using interval sprints do not have to be world class sprinters to earn benefit. The effort levels and volume can gradually build up over time while still earning great rates of body fat loss.

Change Up the Venues Often

Running Sprints is great, but most people do vary with other venues that do not tax their joints. Consider kayaks, bicycles, recumbent bikes, stair climbers, jump ropes, running in sand and more. Changing up the interval venues frequently helps to burn more calories as the movements are less familiar to the body. This also helps to prevent overuse injuries.

How Often?

Two to three sessions per week is the appropriate frequency when weight training three times per week on separate days. Short interval sprint sessions still require accelerated recovery tools to maximize fat burning benefits and to prevent over training.


A twenty minute afterburner following a fat burning interval sessions further accelerates body fat loss. An afterburner is simply a steady state cardio session at 70% effort. The fat burning intervals create specific metabolic and hormonal conditions that make the afterburners very effective for fat loss.

Deplete Glycogen

An absence of muscle glycogen can force the body into using more stored fat as fuel during fat burning intervals as well as Afterburners. A low carbohydrate approach used during the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan helps to deplete glycogen levels quickly for rapid fat burning while still supporting great energy. The body relies on stored fat as a fuel source while utilization organic dietary fat, organically raised protein sources and unlimited amounts of green vegetables.

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Scott Mendelson

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