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Scott, I feel like the cardio I am doing is actually causing more lower body fat to form. How is this even possible and what do I do to correct? I want to weight train, but I do not know what to do. Help! I really want to lose twenty pounds of body fat and would also like your nutrition plan suggestions. ~ Michelle

Yes Michelle, you can increase stubborn body fat by using steady state cardio too often. Dr. Serrano and I suggest using Fat Burning Intervals and Afterburners to maximize body fat loss for our clients. Repetitive steady state cardio teaches the body to replenish body fat to act as a fuel source for the activity. This is a huge problem for people doing similar activities five days per week for example.

Watch this video with Dr. Serrano explaining how steady state cardio causes more stubborn body fat accumulation for two female patients visiting his gym.


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Pushing Your Limits

Fat Burning intervals require a great deal of effort with short sessions using a large variety of venues. A gradual increase of intensity is important. You do not have to be track star or cycling expert to benefit from fat burning intervals which alternate timed periods of intensity to maximize body fat loss. While the weather is still great I would suggest getting outside for activities you enjoy and mix things up.

Carb Depletion Fat Burning Opportunities

The depletion of glycogen (stored carbohydrate) can create excellent conditions for rapid fat burning. The right weight training approach such as the Strip 18 Fat Loss weight training plan and fat burning intervals both deplete glycogen by using the stored carbohydrate within muscles as a fuel source during high intensity exercise.

Nutrition Systems for Depleting Glycogen Quickly

The body can turn to burning more stored fat as fuel when glycogen levels are depleted. The 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition Plan utilizes multiple innovative approaches to fat burning including a low carbohydrate intake and flexible fasting which both help to create excellent fat burning conditions. Intake of green vegetables is unlimited with the 21 Day Fat Cell Cleanse Nutrition plan and energy levels stay very high with consumption of organic food sources including grass fed beef.

stubborn body fat

You will be very happy with your fat burning progress by using a combination of fat burning intervals weight training and afterburners to drive excellent rates of body fat loss.

Afterburners for Rapid Fat loss

The faster Glycogen is depleted the better as it relates to body fat loss. Clients can complete a thirty minute Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training session or fat burning interval session to deplete glycogen. A 10 to 20 minute afterburner session can be done immediately following to drive even greater rates of body fat loss. The short steady state Afterburner makes a big difference anywhere from two to three times per week pending the client’s needs.

Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training

The Strip 18 Program packs a ton of high quality of work into a relatively short training session of thirty to forty minutes. The specific system involving changing weight loads during a set keeps intensity very high and rest managed appropriately to maximize fat burning hormones. Weight training is extremely important for body transformation and for maintaining success over the long term. However very few people use the right system for their needs to maximize their success due to a lack of access to the right information. The Strip 18 Program file includes detailed instructions and videos for every exercise.

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