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Quick, Nutritious Lunch Recipe – USWM Office Edition

Boneless Pork Chops with vegetables on professional background

This recipe will feel a little open-ended, but my goal is to show you that it is easy to prepare a tasty, nutritious lunch in under 30 minutes and still have time to enjoy it on your hour-long lunch break! This could apply to busy families or individuals who need a fast option for dinner as well! Johnny Wood and I prepare this lunch daily in the office using very few gadgets. I often hear, “Oh wow, that smells good and looks so fancy!” I will also serve this up if John has a work meeting over the lunch hour. It is just as easy to fix for a crowd and is a great way to showcase our products to potential customers! I will list the ingredients for this lunch, but at the end, I want to highlight all the USWM options we rotate. – Abby 

Quick, Nutritious Lunch – USWM Office Edition

By, Abby Maher

Lunch Ingredients:

Lunch Instructions:

Our work kitchen has an electric skillet and an infrared cooker (both are pictured in the prep photos). These are inexpensive options for your office or home; we use them daily around here!

At the start of our lunch hour, I heat the butter in our electric skillet, add our chopped veggies, and season with salt, pepper, and Riley’s Seasoning. Pop the lid on that skillet and let it do its thing on low to medium heat. We are cautious about high heat in the office and don’t want to accidentally set off the fire alarm. I have never done it, but I know someone that has! We won’t name names, but he oversees our Meat Department. Ha! 

Once that is going, I turn my attention to the boneless pork chops. Place the pork chops in the infrared cooker (we used three for the two of us). Season the chops with USWM All-purpose seasoning (maybe 1 teaspoon sprinkled over the 3). Place the lid on the cooker, set the time for 12-15 minutes, and the temperature set to 350. The veggies are almost always done when the meat is finished.

I like to use a bowl and start with chopped mixed greens, then plate my veggies and meat overtop the greens. This is what gives that fancy look! Enjoy a meal to impress!

Pork chops served on bed of vegetables in white bowl kitchen table

Other USWM Options we frequently choose:

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Abby holding pie, window in background

Meet Abby Maher! Abby has been working for US Wellness Meats (USWM) in Canton, MO, for three and a half years, wearing many hats, including HR Manager and Resident Chef. Abby has been cooking her whole life – she inherited her love of food from her mom’s homemade dinners and her grandmother and Aunt Jenny’s baking tips. She discovered a particular passion for baking pies in her early adult years and has been perfecting her skills ever since. She thoroughly enjoys reading a good recipe book (yes, cover to cover) and spending quality time with her Border Collie Bennie (who you just may notice adorning the USWM Pet food Page). Abby and Benny both relish the quality and health benefits of the regeneratively farmed grass-fed and finished meats of US Wellness Meats. Find Abby on Instagram at Little A Pies @littleapies, and as she often says, “Alexa – Play 90’s country -and get cookin’!”