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Pulled Pork Bacon Burgers Recipe

BBQ Pulled Pork

September 2022 Featured Chef, Jaime Alba, has created a keto-carnivorish dream! With BBQ Pulled Pork, Sugar-Free Pork Bacon, AND our famous Ground Beef & Organ Blend, these burgers are packed with protein, flavor, and nutrients. Our BBQ Pulled Pork is made from sustainably raised, pastured heirloom pork that has been slow roasted to perfection and blended with our All-Natural BBQ Sauce.  Our Sugar-Free Pork Bacon is sugar-free and Whole30 compliant, with just two ingredients: pork and sea salt. Our Ground Beef with Heart, Kidney, and Liver combines the excellent Omega 6:3 ratio and CLA levels from the ground beef with the nutrient-density of the organ meats, loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, CoQ10, amino acids collagen, antioxidants, and more!

Beyond the brilliance of the Pulled Pork Bacon Burger, Jaime throws deliciously crispy fries in the mix. With about 25 minutes in the air fryer, your sliced potatoes will satisfy your cravings and provide resistant starch to feed your gut’s “good bacteria!” 


Pulled Pork Bacon Burgers

Recipe & Photos by Jaime Alba | @_food4you__

USWM Shopping List: US Wellness BBQ Pulled Pork, 75 Lean Ground Beef with Heart, Kidney, & Liver, US Wellness Sugar-Free Pork Bacon



  1. Cut potatoes up into the desired form, toss with avocado oil, and add garlic salt, onion powder, sea salt, and black pepper. 
  2. Cook in the air fryer for 20-25 min at 375°F. While the fries are cooking, cook bacon till desired crispiness, then place on buns with mayo.
  3. Warm up pulled pork on medium heat. Chop mushrooms & cook with pulled pork if desired, then place on buns with bacon.
  4. Cook your ground meat into patty-sized balls in bacon fat til done.
  5. Place all ingredients on the bun & serve with fries.


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Jaime Alba

Living in Corona, California, Jaime Alba is passionate about food, fitness, and health optimization. He started cooking when he was young and became an avid fan of the Food Network, intrigued by the food, personalities, and recipes. Jaime believes there is a healthy alternative to all your favorite foods and enjoys creating macro-friendly meals. It’s all about portions and balancing your daily protein, fat, and carb intake. Check out his delicious recipes!