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Protect Your Pet Using these Prevention Tips

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It’s interesting (sad really) that in veterinary medicine, we have a pill for virtually every pet ill and a diet for every disease, yet our fur family’s longevity has reduced  by an average of 7 years over the past 20 years. 

Dogs currently have the highest rates of cancer of any mammal on the planet (1 out of 1.65) and cats are close behind (at 1 out of 3).

It is painfully clear that our pets are not suffering from a deficiency of pharmaceuticals, prescription diets, chemotherapy, radiation or surgical procedures.

Traditional veterinary medicine is NOT preventing anything. It is  managing symptoms, and practicing “broke care” not “health care”.

Animals are not responsible for creating their disease’s. The challenges they face are a direct result of the lifestyle choices of their owners who decide what the pet eats, the kind of water they drink, the level of toxicity they are exposed to in the house and outside, the electromagnetic pollution exposure (EMF) and the daily stress that exists within families.

It is the pet owners responsibility to create a lifestyle that will prevent disease in their fur family. The intention of this article is to bring awareness to the pet owner so they can change their beliefs and behavior, creating a sustainable lifestyle so animals can live longer, healthier lives.

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How did we get into this mess?

  1. We sold out to fast, cheap and convenient. We got brainwashed into believing processed pet food is “healthy” to feed our fur family. The reality is that FSO’s (Food Shaped Objects) are devoid of living enzymes, exceedingly high in carbohydrates (sugar), and are loaded with hormones, chemicals, and pesticides. Processed pet food diets (canned or kibble) more often than not contain synthetic vitamins, minerals and rancid fatty acids. None of the above resembles the species appropriate diet these animals were designed to thrive on.
  2. As a society, we have not taken responsibility for our thoughts and actions.  It is far easier to make excuses, blame things out of our control and stick our heads in the sand, hoping the problems will fix themselves.
But There Is Hope!!

There is a HUGE movement towards consciousness, where people are not only taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions, but they are living their lives with intention!

Fur babies are driving this movement, helping their pet parents “see” that change is desperately needed! People will often do more for their fur kids than they will for themselves.

These awakened families are no longer satisfied with treating symptoms and dealing with chronic illness. They are expecting and demanding healthier lives for themselves and their soul pets.

Many of our answers may be found in Biomimicry, the new biology where scientists study nature (animals, plants and insects), the models, systems, and strategies that allow them to live successfully and sustainably. Companies are following these strategies and helping to solve problems that humans have created.

On the medical forefront, there is a new solution, thousands of years in the making, called Natural Medicine. At one time in history, natural medicine was the only medicine.  People lived in rhythm with the world around them and lived in sync with the cycles of nature. Natural medicine became “alternative” when synthetically produced, patented drugs replaced natures “farmacy”. 

dog, cat, man's best friend, raw food diet

Action Plan: Protect Your Pet and Yourself

Here is a prescription for a sustainable and successful life for you and your family (2 legged, 4 legged and feathered).

  1. Create a healthier mind set.  Henry Ford said, “if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”.  If you think it is too hard to change your pets diet and lifestyle, it will be. If you think it is too expensive to feed a species appropriate diet, it will be. The sad thing is, people often spend way more on “broken care” when the pet gets sick than they would have on preventing the illness by feeding a species appropriate diet and living in a toxic free environment.
  2. Think differently, Act differently. Time for a paradigm shift!  Einstein said 2 profound things: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. His other wisdom, “you can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created them”. Stop doing the things that are causing the problems!
  3. Take full ownership and control. No one can make you do things or have negative feelings unless you allow it. Take back your power and vote for a healthier lifestyle by choosing how you spend your dollars. Every dollar spent is a vote for what you are saying you choose to accept. Vote for safe household and personal hygiene products by only buying organic natural products (or better yet, learn how to make your own products with DIY ideas). If you can’t understand the ingredients on the label, don’t use it! Pets aren’t able to make choices for themselves, their pet parents must assume the responsibility to be educated on prevention.
  4. Become educated on what is healthy and what to avoid. “Think Dirty” is a free app that teaches about toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. Another fantastic free resource is The Environmental Working Group which covers everything from food to sunscreen, cleaning products, personal hygiene and much more. Check out their app that can scan products from your smart phone and rate them on the spot!
  5. Learn about species appropriate diets. EvoLove Raw is my website that explains what a raw diet is and how to be sure it is balanced.
  6. Know your water. Drinking water must be highly filtered (for heavy metals and glyphosate), structured and ideally have hydrogen in it. No plastic bottles (add 24,000 more chemicals to the water with plastic). Do not drink or cook with tap water because it contains over 60,000 chemical toxins (and well water is not better). The filtration from the fridge is not likely to be enough. Learn about hydrogen water at Benefits of hydrogen water and download the free brochure. The machine I use at home, in my office and at my event venue is featured in the link.
  7. Check your environment. Indoor environmental safety includes evaluating air quality, VOC (volatile organic compounds), cleaners, laundry and body care products, all of which are vitally important to reduce the toxic burden. Use environmentally safe and organic products in the home and for personal care. Remember, the skin is the largest organ of excretion, and absorption! What goes on the skin goes in the body!
  8. Education. Become educated on radio frequency pollution (EMF) and the dangers of 5G. Qi-Home Cell is one company that has solutions to mitigate the negative effects of EMF. This is the unit I have in my home and office. Download the brochure. Testing the home for EMF is highly recommended!
  9. Grow something edible at home, in a pot or in the yard. Connecting to plants and nature improves “grounding” and helps to replenish the natural micro biome (good organisms) needed to thrive.
  10. Eliminate all toxic chemicals. This includes glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) from the environment. READ LABELS! If you can’t understand the ingredients, DO NOT USE IT.  Not sure if it is toxic, look it up at (environmental working group), a free consumer protection site.
  11. Clear the ANT’s in the brain…Automatic Negative Thoughts. Reduce distractions, start and end each day with gratitude, and consciously “vote” with your dollars, making better choices for you, your fur kids and the planet (go clean and green).

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If all the above seems overwhelming, break it down into 2 columns: Column A and Column B.

  • Column A is the list of what you should be doing, but are not… yet.
  • Column B is the list of what you shouldn’t be doing, but still are.
  • Select 1,2 or 3 things from each column to change weekly.

Maybe you convert your pets to a raw diet (even 50% raw will make a significant difference in their health). Learn more about species appropriate raw diets.

Once mastered to where it is who you are not what you do, pick 1-3 new things. This will not only have a positive change on your fur baby’s life but yours also. Challenge yourself to continue to improve overall through little changes over time.

Maybe our pets are fur angel’s, here to guide and inspire us to make needed changes. Join me in heeding the warning and start making healthier choices for ourselves, our families and the planet.



Dr. Marlene Siegel

Dr. Marlene Siegel has a long, inspiring history in the medical field. From an early age, she knew she wanted to make a difference. Her medical journey started as an emergency medical technician, but she always knew helping animals was her calling. After graduating from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, she soon opened her own clinic, Pasco Veterinary Medical Clinic. She has a revolutionary approach using a raw diet, holistic, and traditional medicines to achieve the best results for her patients. Dr. Siegel practices in Lutz, Florida, and is available for phone consultations.