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Prevent Holiday Body Fat Accumulation and Build Momentum for the New Year

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Scott, last year my wife and I both gained 10 pounds over the holiday season. We have many holiday parties, Christmas, the New Year and Football Bowl games approaching with many questionable food choices available. What do you suggest to limit the body fat gains while still being able to eat some holiday favorites? Tom and Marissa, Lincoln Park, IL

Yes, you can enjoy some holiday feasts without gaining body fat if you use the right training and nutrition strategies. Check out the Thriving During the Holidays Nutrition Strategies that Dr. Eric Serrano MD and myself have assembled based on many years of successful client feedback. Get yourself an organically raised turkey or variety of grass-fed beef steaks for satisfying meals with the ratios of dietary fats nature intended! for free copies of our Eat Big time without gaining body fat special report and the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training program to prevent holiday body fat accumulation.

Keys to Preventing Body Fat Accumulation During the Holidays

  • Do not consume trans fats, fruit juices, HFCS, canola oil, soybean oil, or grapeseed oil.

  • Eat organically raised food sources which have the dietary fat make up nature intended

  • Minimize alcohol and refined food intake

  • Avoid eating foods fried in corn oil

  • Execute Strip 18 Weight Training Sessions before holiday feasts

  • Apply flexible fasting techniques before and after large holiday meals

  • Maintain a glycogen depleted status throughout the holiday season

  • Stay away from office treats

Finish the Year Strong

Do not use the holiday season as an excuse to get off track with your core nutrition and exercise principles. A majority of days can be a win, so to speak, as it relates to supporting body fat loss which works as a hedge against the days with a higher sugar intake. If you are going to make time to eat large holiday feasts, you can make time for 40 minute Strip 18 Fat Loss weight training sessions at least a few times per week.

Create Space for New Carbohydrates

Using a low carbohydrate, high dietary fat and protein intake from organically raised sources works very well during the holidays by supporting a glycogen depleted status. Glycogen is stored carbohydrate within the muscles which serves as a readily available energy source for exercise activity. Depleting glycogen makes it easier for the body to utilize more stored fat as fuel. Consuming more carbohydrate than usual when the glycogen tanks are empty creates more room to store carbohydrates within the muscles instead of creating new body fat with the excess.

Do not be one of the millions of Americans gaining 10 to 20 pounds of body fat during the holidays.

Training before the Feasts

Performing a Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight training session before your Christmas Dinner for example is very important. Weight training sessions with short rest interval and a lot of work volume further deplete muscle glycogen, spike metabolism, boost fat burning hormone levels for many hours and lower cravings for sugar. Aim to complete a Strip 18 session an hour or two before your holiday feasts.

Flexible fasting periods of 12 to 16 hours works extremely well for body fat loss at any time of year. A fasted period on the day of and following a large holiday feast is a very effective tactic for clients who want to eat big time at one particular meal without concern for body fat accumulation.

Email for free copies of the Strip 18 Fat Loss Weight Training Plan and Eating Big Time without gaining body fat nutrition special report. Now is the time to finish the year strong and to consider strategies for a highly productive New Year. We can discuss your individual situation and goals 7 days per week to help you finish the year better than it started.

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