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Podcasts For Your Edification & Enjoyment


Podcasts have become a whole new realm for broadcasting, education, and creativity. US Wellness sponsors a few of these broadcasts and we wanted to share them with you.

While these are highly entertaining podcasts, we want to give you fair warning. Some may contain humor, language or themes of an adult variety. Listen at your own risk. 


Where’s This Going with Host Felix Levine

Felix is the host of the “Where’s This Going” podcast, which hosts a variety of people ranging from world champion athletes, to acclaimed comedians and actors, former high-profile mobsters, and more. Having started the show in April 2019 at just 19 years old, Felix has traveled all across the United States (and hopes to soon make it the world) sitting down with fascinating people. You can watch all of Felix’s content on his YouTube channel or on every major podcast platform.

About Felix Levine

Listen to the podcast


UCLA Seasons Podcast with Host Josh Lewin

Join the Voice of the Bruins, Josh Lewin, as he escorts you down Memory Lane in both Westwood and Pasadena. The best UCLA seasons going back to 1980 are explored and recalled, including in-depth interviews with star players.

Listen to the Podcast on:





Alabama Insider & Crimson Tide Sports Network

This Week on CTSN podcast is presented by US Wellness Meats. This show features the best of Crimson Tide Sports Network programming from the past week, including interview clips, show highlights and more, hosted by Roger Hoover.

Listen to the Podcast


The Rooted Mind Podcast with Host Shelby Leppin & Jessica Erceg

Welcome to the Rooted Mind Podcast! We are here to help you improve your mental health through simple and effective lifestyle changes!

Shelby Leppin is a mental health nurse practitioner and holistic health guide! She loves reading books, drinking coffee, and trying new things! Shelby’s passion is showing others how to take care of themselves and find a healthy lifestyle that works for them!

Jessica Erceg is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and passionate about the power of real food. She is the creator of Modernally Balanced where she empowers women to live & find their healthiest life in today’s modern day society. She is also an educator on living a lower tox life.

Listen to the Podcast


You may be interested in learning more about US Wellness Farms and how US Wellness Meats got started back in 2000, or why regenerative agriculture is so important. The following interviews with farmer and owner John Wood should help answer some of those questions.

Cultivated Audio

Here’s to Your Health with Joshua Lane

The Drunken Taoist with Daniele Bolelle

Get to Know Your Farmer with David Sandstrom

Keto Savage with Robert Sikes