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Paleo FX 2017: Everything Paleo In One Building

Paleo FX All Natural Seasonings & BBQ Sauce

Paleo FX 2017
Friday, May 19 – Sunday, May 21
Palmer Event Center
Austin, Texas

Paleo FX All Natural Seasonings & BBQ Sauce

Paleo FX Health & Wellness Extravaganza

Paleo FX is an annual Health and Wellness show in Austin, Texas. It’s a gathering of folks from all over the Paleo spectrum, all interested in improving health through more holistic, natural means.

This year, USWM Founder John Wood and Grassland Market Manager Aron Knoche are there from Missouri. We’re also honored to have help from strongwoman Maureen Quinn, nutrition and lifestyle consultant Amanda Love and USWM friend Grant Cooper along with others who may stop by to visit and stay to help out. The US Wellness Meats booth is always buzzing, especially when our sugar-free bacon starts sizzling.

The US Wellness Team sent back some images from Paleo FX 2017. If you weren’t able to visit us this year, perhaps we’ll see you in 2018.

US Wellness Meats, Paleo FX

Sugar-Free Bacon, All-Natural BBQ Sauce, Primal Palate Seasonings & MORE

We always bring with us plenty of grass-fed meats, sugar-free bacon, healthy snacks, specialty seasonings, and our nearly world famous BBQ sauce to sample. This year our friends at Primal Palate sent along some sample seasoning packets to offer.

Paleo FX, US Wellness Meats


Paleo FX

US Wellness Meats team at Paleo FX 2017