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paleo beijing beef

Beijing Paleo Beef Recipe link

Recipe and Photos courtesy of Tammy Flack, Primal Wellness Pro Many of us have a mild addiction to Asian food. Unfortunately, most take out is loaded with all sorts of things we’d rather not consume. Fortunately, when you are faced with a craving like this,...
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dry brined turkey, turkey recipe, whole turkey, thanksgiving

Dry Brined Turkey link

Turkey time is upon us! Pre-heat your oven and lets get to work. To help your Thanksgiving prep along, we have a delicious recipe for a Dry Brined Turkey courtesy of our friends Bill and Hayley of primal Palate.  “This year, we wanted to show you how to dry...
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Holiday Transformation in Montana link

Around this time last year, two of my employees started Kat James’ Holiday Total Transformation® Program from home and then flew to Montana only a couple months later for their eye-popping “after photos” which, as you can see from this magazine...
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