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sizzling steak with melting butter and thyme

Valentines Ballad by Kat James link

Picture this: it’s Valentine’s Day and you and your sweetheart sit down to a lovely homemade meal. One bite into that juicy, tender, grass-fed steak and you are in love. Not just a surface-level love based on taste and texture, but a deep, caring love based on...
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woman running up stairs, female hormones,

Reawaken Your Stem Cells link

Many of my colleagues in the medical profession still underestimate the incredible, self-healing power inside your own body.I’m talking about your stem cells.In nearly 20 years at my Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, I’ve learned you can reawaken stem...
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spices, black pepper, salt, winter spices

A Guide to Winter Spices link

The bone-chilling winds and colder temperatures of winter have many of us heading indoors to warm up this season. Whether you hibernate inside or head out to a hot yoga class, there are multiple ways to warm up this winter, but one of our favorite ways to stay warm...
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