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Kaylie Watson

Kaylie is an AIP chef and real, whole food enthusiast. Her recipes encourage a healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle.

USWM grass-fed beef, shipping
Misc Info

USWM Shipping & Delivery: FAQ

Q: Where Does USWM Ship? A: All 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.     Q: Do You Ship To Canada? A: YES! We do ship to Canada, but there are some customs rules to follow. Please note the following when ordering from our Canada Storefront for shipments to...
italian sausage
Paleo, US Wellness Meats

Italian Sausage & Roasted Root Veggies Recipe

Many families have a list of go to meals or favorites that are in a regular rotation. If you haven’t considered this, ask your family what meals they really enjoy. Start with a simple list and expand it as you have more feedback. Pretty soon, you’ve got a...
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