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The Wellness Blog
man with back pain, home office

Find Relief From Back Pain link

One of the first things I learned in my med school rehab residency is that you have a 90% chance of experiencing lower back pain in your lifetime.Back pain is also the third most common reason people have surgery.1 Patients turn to this drastic procedure because...
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veggie burger

Ouch by the Ounce link

If you’re like most Americans these days, you’re not only feeling pain at the pump but also a big, fat stab in the wallet every time you buy groceries. When talking about most healthier food products, if you mention the words “organic”, “grass-fed” or “sustainable”,...
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jaime alba, september 2022 featured chef

Jaime Alba link

Jaime Alba is a home cook and food blogger. He’s also a competitive bodybuilder and has a serious passion for fitness. Jaime loves to prepare simple, quick, macro-friendly meals designed to maximize flavor and balance portions with protein, fat and carb intake.

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